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Top 3 things to do in Thailand’s Koh Chang

Koh Chang is counted amongst the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand. It is often referred to as an island destination that has it all – amazing nightlife, amazing beaches, dense jungles and a lot of fun activities to take part in.

Koh Chang Thailand

Many also loosely call it Elephant Island because of the elephant-shaped head it resembles. This place has a kind of rugged character and charm which can be attributed to the kind of nature that surrounds it. Both tourists as well as locals come to Koh Chang from all parts of Thailand, including as far as Chiang Mai. Considering the easy, convenient and affordable ground transportation options available from Chiang Mai to Koh Chang, as well as from various other corners of Thailand, it isn’t surprising that the island enjoys a pretty good footfall at all times of the year. Let’s now acquaint you with the top 3 things you must definitely do when in Koh Chang!

Go on a snorkelling tour

Counted amongst the most enjoyable activities in Koh Chang Island is going on a snorkelling tour and experiencing some of its stunning clear waters and coral reefs, full of fishes. Although tickets for such tours are available throughout the island, it’s best to buy them on the boat itself. If you visit the Bang Bao pier, you’ll come across many old fishing ships, especially repurposed for such snorkelling tours. They can take you to the five popular snorkelling spots on the island, and also serve you an elaborate lunch en route.

Hidden Kai Bai Waterfall

Although there are many waterfalls you can hike up to in Koh Chang, the majority of them are situated in the National Park, requiring a $ 5 entry fee. Not just that, you will also need a guide to reach these places. How about visiting an amazing waterfall without the need of a fee or a guide?! Just a little south of 7-Eleven at the Kai Bae beach you can spot a road heading inland. Feel free to walk up or drive on that road and take a left when you come to it. Thereafter take the first right and you will be on a dirt track taking you to a village. Once you reach there, follow the signs that lead up to the waterfall. Although the hike might take you around 10 minutes or so, the waterfall at the end of it is amazingly peaceful and isolated.

Bang Bao floating village

Even if you don’t go on a snorkelling tour, visiting the Bang Bao pier is a must. It’s an age old fishing village developed on stilts over the water. Many of these constructions have been converted into guest houses, shops or restaurants, but there are some villagers who continue to use them for normal living purposes. Have a nice meal at any of the excellent restaurants on the pier, Chill House is one that immediately comes to the mind, or simply sit there and watch the fishing boats arrive and leave.

Koh Chang Thailand

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