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4 Brazilian cities you should travel to

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. Its extensive territory is the scene of several breathtaking natural landscapes. From the north to the south of the country, the fauna and flora are constantly changing. There are countless paradisiacal scenarios to visit, among them, deserts, paradisiacal beaches, waterfalls, mountains and forests.

As if that was not enough, some other places get travelers’ attention because of the architecture and history. Check out these 4 cities you need to know more in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro is huge, intense and chaotic, which makes many fear for their safety when visiting it. It is not wise to get lost in the most visited city in Brazil considering that many places in Rio are not safe, and especially for foreigners that do not know the city.

However, Rio, as an explicitly contrasted city, has most of its attractions in the South Zone, the richest and safest region. Within the South it is possible to tour more calmly and with less worries. The main attractions are very safe, with great policing all-around.

For those who have less time to tour, or rather prefer to visit it in a safer and more organized way, consider taking a hop on /hop off bus. It drives through all the major neighborhoods and sights of the city.

Brazil is the home of Cairo Santos, NFL player from Tennessee Titans, after coming through the college football rankings in Florida. Still, it is another football that the Brazilians love. Take your time to visit Maracanã and enjoy a good game of football (or soccer), embracing the extraordinary atmosphere that only Brazil has to offer.

Rio de Janeiro


Apart from the political scenes, the reality portraits a beautiful city, full of fantastic sights.
The best way to get around the city is by rental car since the main attractions are not so close to each other. As the city is sectorized, most hotels are concentrated in the same region. A central region, making it easy to get around. In my opinion, the Northern Hotel Sector is nicer than the Southern Hotel Sector, but within both of them you will find good hotels to stay.

Take a walk during the night to see the illuminated monuments on the Esplanade of Ministries. Even better if it’s a full-moon night. This is where most of Brasilia’s main sights are located.
For dinner, you can choose from the chic and hip universal diner, Dudu Camargo right on the SQS 303 or a local gastropub such as Tu Madre (SQS 306), or the traditional Coco Bambu near the football stadium.


Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is one of those charming destinations that is a local favorite. Part of this affection comes from its background, which delivers the best of Brazil’s landscapes, leaving anyone amazed. Whether for its paradisiacal waterfalls, cobblestone streets, cozy cities or even because of its mountains that perfectly frame the state.

One of the stops that we highly recommend is Monte Verde. Only 164 km from São Paulo, the charming mining town of Monte Verde is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who like to relax, but, at the same time, are fans of adventure and good food. A perfect and cozy winter getaway, even though the city is also a right choice at any time of the year and not just when temperatures are low.

For those who like a more predominant contact with nature, the Verner Grinberg Ecological Park is the ideal tour. The main site reveals an almost unknown side of Monte Verde: very green and calm.

Minas Gerais

São Paulo

The largest city in South America breathes culture and has numerous museums, theaters and exhibition galleries. São Paulo is also famous for its great restaurants and its bustling nightlife.

São Paulo’s main avenue, Paulista is a good summary of the whirlwind of different cultures that make up the city. Walking aimlessly is enough to get you into the mood of one of the world’s largest cities. It is even worth renting a shared bike to ride the new bike path that cuts the Paulista from end to end. The avenue is always busy, even late at night. And, every moment it is taken by a different audience, so do not miss the opportunity to stop by again later.

Sao Paulo

In addition to these incredible cities, it is important to note that when you go to Brazil you must try to see the Amazon River, as it touches many different states of the country.

Cruising the Amazon River is a great way to explore the beauties of the Amazon rainforest as well. Travel through the riverside communities and indigenous tribes and observe the unique fauna and flora across your journey.

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