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7 days of Croatian coast: make the best of your sailing charter

You’ve rightly decided that the best way to explore the Dalmatian Coast is by sailing. Now that you’ve decided on a boat and you’re ready to enjoy your weeklong Croatian yacht charter, you might be wondering where the best place to start is and how to get the most out of your trip. There is so much to see and do along the islands of Croatia that it can be a little overwhelming planning out your trip. Below is a helpful 7-day itinerary to get you started.

Day 1: Milna

This is the type of special Mediterranean fishing village that is becoming more and more difficult to find these days. Located on the west coast of the island, this little harbour town includes a beautiful stretch of sand and pebble beaches.

The architecture will take you back in time as there are very few modern buildings. Most of the urban landscape is covered in the fishermen’s houses along the coastline connected by narrow footpaths to surrounding farms, vineyards and olive groves.

Enjoy learning about the rich history of the small village. It was here that Russia harboured its fleet during the Napoleonic wars and in 1806 they took on the French in a major naval battle.

Milna Port, Brac Island, Croatia

View of Milna port with colorful fishing boats, Brac island, Croatia

Day 2: Hvar

After a relaxing and quiet first day, you’ll probably be ready for a little more excitement and Hvar is exactly where you are going to find it. The beach scene in Hvar is especially known for its parties around Majerovića. If you’re looking for a sweet place to kick back, check out Hula Hula Hvar. It is easily accessible by boat. There you can recline in your beach chair, sip on your favourite drink, and let the music, sunrays, and waves wash over you. A refreshing salad or some spicy Thai food can easily be ordered from the nearby restaurant.

Apart from the parties, Hvar is best known for its lavender crop. If you happen to be there in June, you will thoroughly enjoy the annual Lavender Festival where workshops and performances will be held. Besides the lavender, there are also stalls selling rosemary, honey, and olive oils.

Day 3: Korčula

Don’t underestimate this small island. It has plenty to offer in a day of tourism. If you only have a day to spend on the island, make sure you spend it in Korčula town. It is easy to see in just a day since the tiny town is located on the tip of the peninsula and everything is easy to walk to.
Of particular interest in Korčula, is the Marco Polo museum. This interactive museum holds the attention of both children and adults as you get a stamp after you exit each section of the museum. Legend has it that although he travelled the world in search of knowledge and riches, his heart always belonged to his home island of Korčula.

Day 4: Lastovo

Lastovo is a haven for nature lovers, sailing, great food and wine, and fishermen of tuna and trophy fish. One of the most famous attractions to Lastovo is its carnival. Here all the island residents dress up in their beautiful fold costumes. Another must see while in Lastovo, are the famous Lastovo chimneys that were once considered a symbol of status among families.

Lastrovo Old Town, Croatia

Lastovo old town, Lastovo island, Croatia

Day 5: Vis

You cannot visit Vis Island without seeing the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto). Until 1984 it was only possible to enter the cave from underwater but now after an artificial entrance was created, all visitors can experience its magic. If you’re hoping to be able to swim in a cave, then head to the Green Cave. Although it is a little less impressive, unlike the Blue Cave, you can get out of the boat and go for a dip.

Day 6: Maslinica

Located on the island of Solta, Maslinica is known as one of the best coastal towns of Croatia. The west side of the island is home to small pebbled beaches and café bars. It is especially beautiful around sunset. Enjoy the magical evening eating pasta with truffles and shrimp overlooking the beautiful colours of the sky change.

Day 7: Trogir

Top off your 7-day Croatian boat charter with a trip to Trogir. Here you will want to take advantage of the amazing diving program available. Off these beautiful shores you will find the wonderful, secret underwater home of coral, sponges, conger eels, octopi, and lobsters. No matter your level of experience in scuba diving, even if it’s your first time, there is a site appropriate for you.

Trogir, Croatia

Trogir old town panorama with Kamerlengo Castle in front.

Your yacht charter in Croatia will inevitably be a vacation of a lifetime. As each island has its own special perks to enjoy and explore, you can be sure that you will have the time of your life.

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