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Portable voice-over set up for travel

Working on vacation hardly ever sounds like something that anyone would particularly enjoy. Well, except pro voice over artists. While a standard home studio is necessary if you plan on going ‘big’ you can always start with a basic set up (microphone, laptop, headphone, etc.). But what happens when you need to go on vacation and you still want to be able to carry on recording? A portable vice over set up is what you need.

If your major concern is sound quality, freedom to work from anywhere while on vacation and always being available for clients, then investing in quality voice over travel equipment is worth it. Many pro voice over artists have a separate voiceover set up for long or short trips. This is a practical thing to do since you might be unable to fit your home studio in your luggage.

Being available to your clients at all times, having a short turnaround time and a portable set up that can fit into your hand luggage will win you more clients and impress your existing ones. So, investing a little more on a portable voice over set up is worth it.

If you need help with putting together the perfect voice over set up for travel, not to worry, we have got you covered.


You want to get a smaller mic that won’t take much space. You also want to ensure that it is high-quality. If you want to achieve crisp recordings, a good microphone will help you achieve that. A good recommendation is the Sennheiser MKH416. It is a lightweight microphone that is also used in professional recording studios.

XLR to USB Adapter

Since you are not going to need your chunky power adapter for your travel set up, an XLR to USB adapter will come in handy. It allows you to connect your microphone to your laptop via USB (if you are not using a USB microphone). There are several models out there that will do just fine if you plan to record while on vacation.

Desktop Microphone Stand

This is another essential for a travel voice over set up. Without a microphone stand, you will struggle with achieving a clean and crisp recording. You need the stand to keep the microphone in place and to be able to record in the right position. But if you are shopping for a stand, ensure that it is lightweight. You do not need a fancy model, all you need is something to hold the microphone in place.


If you have spent some time in the voice over industry, you will already know that there are dozens of recording software at your disposal. We assume that you already have specific software that you use for recording and editing. Those will do just fine. The software will not add to the weight of your luggage, so you might just stick with the one you already use.


You should use high quality headphones to properly evaluate the actual quality of your recording. There are so many headphones in the market, and any with solid reviews should do just fine. You might want to stick with the one you already use at your home studio if you are trying to save cost.

Now that you have all that you need for a voice over set up for travel, head over to and connect with agents and brands that need your services.

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