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5 travel tips you need to know before visiting Portugal

If you’ve decided to go on holiday for architecture of ancient times to see the castles, the churches, the mosaic streets or you’ve gone for the food a large helping of Bacalhau, a heart stopping Bifana or maybe just some meat carved at your table or you’ve gone for the miles of sandy beaches that throw themselves wide open into the North Atlantic where the swell can provide some of the longest and greatest rides on Earth, you have made a great choice in Portugal, take these tips to assist you in making that trip everything you desire;

1. Getting around and seeing some sights, there’s a tourist pass for Lisbon (, that lets you on and off buses, trams, metro and elevadores (Elevators to viewing platforms) it allows you entry to museums and attractions, also deals on tours. The price is reasonable and is a good way to get through the city sites quickly.

2. Few quick ticks for the food, it’s usually customary to offer bread and olives at the beginning of a meal and they look delicious but of course a lot of places charge for this service, it’s not a problem to ask if they do and to refuse. If you’re a seafood lover then a lot of the fish is charged by weight again a little chat with the waiter to avoid regret at the end is nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Keep your eyes on the surf, the beaches here are known to have some of the largest swells in Europe (Not hard) and the world so treat the ocean with respect, it’s not for wading in it is for watching and listening to, if it seem too big then maybe it is. If you are a seasoned surfer then enjoy the wide world.

4. Advance booking, cars are a great assistance for travelling around, of course you can utilise the trains that run the country and coaches that traverse the terrain but if you want to keep to your schedule and your viewing pleasure then Enjoy Car Hire can help you do that with their fair fuel policy. They operate as a comparison site taking in all available deals to get you the best one.

Portugal coast

5. Fire danger, during the hotter months things get dry and forest fires are a hazard on the coastal wonderland, remember not to fan these flames by taking your rubbish with you, not flicking lit cigarette butts anywhere and keeping your eyes peeled for warnings about forest fires, protect yourself and the foreign land that you are a tourist in.

As always we can only borrow the beauty of a place and so should always leave it the way we found it.

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