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For a French luxury holiday, only a Chateau will do

When you’re booking a holiday it’s really galling to pay several thousand pounds for a pretty modest property, facelifted with a small swimming pool but lacking any sort of ‘Wow Factor’. You don’t need to spend that much more to rent a far more significant property, a building that combines history, beauty and often a touch of grandeur. Instead of spending your vacation fiddling around some pokey rented kitchen why not take a look at a better class of villas to rent, head for a bit of French luxury and stay somewhere where every selfie will scream ‘quality’ – and will probably make you an instagram star.

Now there’s a new kid on the street searching out quality french villas for rent, and that’s They specialise in high-end properties, each individually inspected, that suit people who’d rather spend a bit more money and get a lot more villa, up to and including whole chateaux in France. So before you spend thousands at the bottom end of the market, check their site to see what sort of villas to rent you could, for a little bit more, aspire to.

Luxury Dordogne chateau to rent

There are some fabulous examples. Take, for instance, The Spirit of Dordogne. Ignore the name, which does nothing to convey the sheer grandeur of this chateau, but just look at some of the bedrooms. There are nineteen of them, all beautifully furnished with antiques, with plenty of newly-fitted bathrooms which are a world away from the poor plumbing that used to be a feature of villas in France. Luxury Dordogne chateau to rentThe kitchen is modern and fully-fitted, there’s a formal dining room to enjoy the results and the drawing room has a grand piano in it – and is of a scale that makes it look small. There’s a swimming pool, but also – for heaven’s sake – a river, which is perfectly swimmable in a long French summer.

Luxury Dordogne chateau to rentAnd a word about French weather. In the UK you can’t rely on the weather, whatever the season. In France you can. I think there must be a bylaw that says summers in France must consist of an unbroken string of long sunny days, at least for the months of July and August, but often stretching much longer.

So the next time you’re thinking of booking a villa in France, don’t be modest. Take a look at and see some of the stunning properties they have available to rent. You don’t get to take that many holidays in your life: for a few extra pounds you might as well make your next vacation memorable.

Luxury Dordogne chateau to rent

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