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2020’s top countries for travel

Travelling is remaining as popular as ever, with people deciding on their desired destinations with travel sustainability also becoming more of a factor. So with this being the case, here we cover a number of destinations to pick from in 2020.


The first country to make the list is Aruba, with the central hub of the country being known as San Nicolas or Sunrise City. There are common festivities that take place around the country, with stunning artwork and colour that provides a stunning experience for visitors. It is another country that has been focusing greatly on sustainability in recent years, that includes it pushing through a ban on all single use plastics. Something that continuous to be a hot topic around the world. There are many cheap options for accommodation also, which means it can be a very affordable travel destination for most.


It may come as a surprise to many but England remains one of the most popular destinations for travel. With this be through staycations and locals using their White Arches caravans to travel and visit the most popular destinations. These locations include the likes of Norfolk, which provides a picturesque seaside destination to visit. The area itself provides a peaceful escape from city life with endless award winning restaurants on offer. If you are travelling in a caravan, then there are also many different camp sites to choose from that sit on the edge of the coast.


Located next to Nepal and Bangladesh, Bhutan is another travel destination to have been growing in popularity. There are some breath-taking mountain trails on offer and it sits high on the list of a sustainable country. It is very environmentally friendly and is the only carbon-negative country in the world and is set to become the first and only fully organic nation on the planet. This is why the popularity for tourists is only set to increase greatly moving forward.

Bridge, Bhuatan


Located near South Africa, Swaziland is continuing to grow in popularity. It is renowned for its culture and incredible wildlife, which has long been associated with African travel. It still remains one of the lower visited Southern African destination’s but this is in the process of changing. The infrastructure in the country continues to improve, such as with the new international airport. There are many parks and reserves to visit, such as the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. This should now be included in everyone’s list of countries to visit.

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