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Could you live in Corfu like the Durrells?

The Durells is a show adapted from the true story of a British family who leave England for the adventurous, natural, wild, and sun-drenched life in Corfu, Greece. The show which was set in the 1930s was brought to life by actors Milo Parker, Keeley Hawes, Josh O’Conner, Daisy Waterstone, and Callum Woodhouse, the ITV show reignited interest in all things Greek.

Running from 2016 to 2019, the show got enough screen time to make its viewers nurture a desire to experience the Greek island where it was staged. Even though The Durells has aired its final episode, fans of the show can still relive most of the scenery that made most of the show’s romance memorable. You can still visit Corfu to enjoy its spectacular landscapes just like the Durells.

Show writer Simon Nye describes Corfu in an interview:

“Corfu is quite a big island. There are great swathes of greenery as it’s one of the more northern Greek islands. It can get unpleasantly hot, but it’s a good place to film and I think it’s quite unusual for a show to be allowed to do that, to actually film where it’s set and long may that continue.”

“The house is, let’s say it’s one of the big stars of the show and we all want to buy it. But it’s expensive, I have to inform everybody, I’m afraid. The Durrells didn’t stay there but they did visit that house back in the ’30s. That’s a gift for us all.

Visiting Corfu?

Corfu is the second largest of the Greek Ionian islands and is best known for its coastline. It combines small sandy beaches, forests, and rock headlands, which can be breathtaking. The island isn’t just a place where you go to for holidays and sunbathe throughout your stay. It has many things to do and places to see to keep you busy. The water is so clear, and many visitors go scuba diving, sailing, or even snorkelling. The water is so beautiful that you may struggle to stay out of it, and also the fact that the Mediterranean water is calm and safe for children also makes it more desirable for family adventures, just like the Durells.

Getting there

For those planning to visit Corfu (with or without kids) in a bid to relive some of the experiences of the Durells, or you are just going to see what the hype is about, the Greek island is reasonably accessible. You can take a direct flight from London to Corfu Airport that takes less than three hours. You might struggle a bit during winter, but you can always take the Athens route to get to the island. If you would like a more adventurous trip to Corfu, you can try the Durells’ route – take a train to Paris, then the Alps, and Milan to Southern Italy, then overnight ferry. Once you get to Greece, you can easily find your way to Corfu since there is a good transport network, and Corfu is about an hour away from most distant towns.

Corfu property

Like most areas in Greece, the cost of living in Corfu is cheaper than you imagined. If you live in the UK you will most likely find Corfu more affordable. According to Numbeo, rent in a small apartment in the centre of the town costs less than €300 per month and about €400 for a villa. You can expect rentals to be higher during the summer.

Buying a property in Corfu is considered a good investment option. You will find properties of different price range from €9 million to just €20,000, with the same access to the beaches and beautiful scenery. If you have your eyes on seaside properties, you should expect prices to be around €800,000 but you can find a nice home further inland for less than €300,000. There is also an option to buy land to build your property to your taste. If you are considering owning a property in Corfu and you need a real estate firm to help you find the best spots on the island, then you should visit

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