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3 top cities for buying property overseas

There are plenty of great reasons to buy property overseas.

For a start, it’s an investment that can yield great profit in the future and it can be an opportunity to capitalise on thriving tourist trades – something that more and more investors are doing thanks to start-ups like Airbnb.

But for you it might simply be the chance to pick out your dream holiday home, a heavenly haven for retirement, or even just find yourself a change of scene in the here and now. Buying property overseas can also open doors when it comes to finding new work and business opportunities.

Whatever you’re looking for, these are three of the top cities for holidaymakers, expats and investors alike that are sure to have everything you’re looking for.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

This ever-popular holiday destination is also a rising star on the international investment market, and it’s no surprise.

One of the world’s oldest cities, it’s beautiful and vibrant, brimming with culture that’s steeped in history whilst growing in prominence on the modern map.

Equally enticing is the country’s citizenship by investment scheme – the Golden Visa in Portugal offers residency permits to investors, giving them a whole host of benefits, and making it the perfect paradise for a peaceful retirement.

Property Lisbon have a great range of eligible properties on their website for those curious about this gorgeous city.

Lisbon street scene

2. Rotterdam, Netherlands

This may come as a surprise inclusion, but for many international buyers, Rotterdam has the edge over Amsterdam. It’s not as busy, it’s somewhat cheaper and it’s a little less tourist driven.

Home to the largest port in Europe, it’s pretty serene for a major continental city, but don’t be mistaken – it’s no ghost town, although it is rumoured to have some spooky friends lurking in the shadows.

While Rotterdam has its share of art galleries and museums, its distinctive and unique architecture comprises a stunning visual collection of masterpieces in its own right.

This living art gallery includes the Markthal Rotterdam (Rotterdam Market Hall). A work of art in itself, this mesmerising colour display looks like a rainbow from some angles, an oil slick from others, and in the right light, a watercolour wonder.

Rotterdam street scene

3. Los Angeles, US

When it comes to investing in the US property market, The Big Apple is up there with the best of them.

But a savvy investor might be wise to set their sights on Los Angeles instead for a trend-setting location with a great vibe.

True, the prices are high, but this lively city has much to offer in return for its steep property values, including great shopping opportunities, vibrant nightlife and culture that’s sure to entice any health fanatic – it’s one of the healthiest cities in America, with no shortage of spas, gyms, clean-eating restaurants and juice bars.

Plus, its status as a celebrity hangout makes it perfect for a little star-spotting.

Los Angeles skyline

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in this list of top cities for overseas property investment!

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