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Tips for taking a last-minute staycation

The summer holiday season is starting to wind down, but there’s still plenty of time to book a last-minute staycation before the kids go back to school. To help you plan the perfect trip, we’ve put together this guide packed full of hints and tips on how to prepare for your break, as well as things you should consider doing while you’re away.

Decide what you want to do before you search

Before you scour the internet looking for a last-minute getaway, it’s important to understand what you’d like from your break. After all, the UK has thousands of options and you can make your break as relaxing or adventurous as you like. While places such as London offer a multitude of sightseeing opportunities, cities like Bath allow you to relax in the spas. Meanwhile, a cottage in the Lake District will help you get out and explore the countryside, while a trip to Bournemouth or Brighton will leave you within striking distance of the beach. By working out exactly what you’d like from your break, you’ll be able to narrow down your search. This means you stand the best-possible chance of finding the best deal.

Prepare for the variable British weather

Even if you’re travelling in the height of the British summer, you need to prepare for all eventualities. Sadly, there’s no guarantee you’ll get glorious sunshine during your break even if the forecast is good, so packing waterproofs and walking boots is a must. These items are things that are worth investing in, too. After all, as these positive Blacks Outdoor reviews show, buying quality outdoor items from a leading brand can help save your summer holiday if the weather turns for the worst. If you instead opt for cheaper gear, you may find yourself feeling a squelch in your shoe if you’re caught in a sharp shower.

Enjoy meals that make you feel worlds away

Many of us plan our holidays around amazing food and drink. After all, visits to Italy are all about pasta and pizza, while trips to Goa in India always involve some of the finest curries on the planet. So, whether you normally love to try the best local restaurants while you’re away or you enjoy spending your time wandering around the local street markets, do the same during your UK break.

It’s easy to look online and find the best restaurants in your new area, but for a completely new experience, it’s also worth trying to create your own dishes from your dream destination at your holiday home. Many top chefs like the Michelin-starred Massimo Bottura are running free cooking classes via their Instagram accounts, so you can bring the taste of Italy to your home.

Plan fun activities

If you’re someone who likes to pack their foreign holidays with fun adventures and day trips, then make sure you do the same during your staycation, too. After all, the UK has 32 properties inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List, so you’re never short of somewhere to visit and explore.

If you’re visiting somewhere in the north of England, you can choose to see Durham’s Castle and Cathedral, Jodrell Bank or Liverpool’s Maritime Mercantile City. Alternatively, up in Scotland you can see the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, in the South of England, you’re spoilt for choice as you can see Kew Gardens, Stonehenge or Canterbury Cathedral. But, make sure you book if you’re visiting at the last minute because spaces fill up quickly.

Explore on foot

No matter where you go in the UK, it’s well worth exploring your holiday location on foot. After all, the UK has a rich architectural heritage you can discover. Plus, not only can you admire some pretty buildings while you wander, but you’ll also uncover some sights and attractions that you may not have found if you’d taken the bus or train.

Plus, exploring on foot is particularly ideal if you’ve booked your trip at the last minute. This is because, if you’ve struggled to book a restaurant or attraction, you’re likely to stumble across something just as good slightly off the beaten track.

Follow these top tips and you’ll have no problem enjoying a last-minute staycation in the UK. Without the cost of flights, staying in the UK can save you hundreds of pounds when compared with European beach holidays. Go grab yourself a bargain!

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