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Why do so many travellers decide to live in Corfu after visiting

Corfu is one of the top choices for most tourists and travelers. The Greek Island is a beauty to behold, and a haven of serenity, peace, and tranquility. The culture, history, cuisines, and adventures all add to its elegance and class. Most travelers who go on a visit to Corfu end up becoming citizens of the city because of a lot of unique and essential benefits it offers.

The Cost Of Living Is Moderate

The cost of living on Corfu Island is very moderate; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase an apartment. Most expat couples living on Corfu Island with their properties do not spend up to €1,500 monthly. The prices of home, goods, and services are surprisingly lower than in other cities. There is no fear of a rise in the cost of living on Corfu Island. If you get a decent job, you’ll be able to take good care of yourself. It’s an island that makes survival less stressful than most cities in Europe. Additionally, it’s not just the costs of living that are low but also the costs of obtaining your own property in Corfu are very realistically attainable. For more information check

It Is A World-Class City

Corfu has an international airport, and there are flights to notable cities around the world. It is easily accessible from major cities in the world as well. A flight to Athens takes less than forty-five minutes. There are different cruise line ports to different cities to choose if you love to travel by sea. There are two major hospitals and lots of health centers available in Corfu Island. Your shopping is entirely secure, with high-quality stores and supermarkets found on the island.

The Quality Of The Food

Corfu has lots of vegetation and farmlands that produce the majority of the foods. The quality of the food is outstanding, and Greek cuisine is perfect. The farmers supply restaurants and stores with fresh farm produce. And for a meal of seafood, the Mediterranean is the primary source. There is an abundant supply of fruits and vegetables from the farms to increase your nutrient. And you can cultivate your vegetables if you rent or purchase a home with the land around. You don’t have to worry about pesticides in your food as they are grown naturally.

English Is A Widely Spoken Language

There is no barrier in communication though it is a Greek Island. The dominant language spoken is English. There is no need for an interpreter when communicating with the locals. Speaking Greek is not necessary to live on Corfu Island, although learning won’t be a bad idea.

There Are Distinct Seasons

The weather and seasons on Corfu Island are predictable, even though a change in the weather can be fast and swift. Expect frequent storms during winter, as well as howling winds and heavy rainfall. There is a significant change in the weather during April; when the sky is blue, with a warm atmosphere and blooming vegetation. The weather becomes hot from July, and the hottest time of the year is August. The climate of Corfu is pretty much comfortable and better than in other cities in Europe.

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