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3 Reasons Jamaica Should Be Your Next Holiday

After this year, we all need a holiday.

And if you’ve found yourself scanning travel sites and window shopping for your next getaway, you’re not on your own!

The island country of Jamaica features highly on many travellers’ bucket lists and for good reason. Brimming with history, culture and liveliness, it’s a must-see holiday destination for those who love to travel.

Here are just three reasons you should choose Jamaica for your next escape.

1. Scenery

When talking about Jamaica, the first thing that springs to mind is usually warm sunny beaches surrounded by palm trees, and fantasies of lounging under the sun sipping cocktails. A quick Google image search will have you dreaming wistfully of these stunning scenes.

And of course, there’s more to Jamaica than its beauty, but there’s no denying that its picturesque scenery is amongst its most appealing qualities.

Some top spots to visit for a little seaside relaxation include the Negril Beach and Cliffs. This holiday brochure-esque spot is known for its miles of white sand and true-blue sea and was supposedly the spot where infamous pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read were captured.

Another top attraction is the Blue Lagoon. Famed for its turquoise waters and stunning greenery, this mesmeric spot was a filming location for the 1980 Brook Shields movie of the same name.

2. Food

If your experience of Jamaican food extends only to jerk chicken, then you’re in for a real treat. Although this local favourite tastes great served up with rice and peas, this dish only scratches the surface of Jamaican cuisine.

These include the national dish, ackee and saltfish, as well as baked chicken, curry goat (often served with rice and plantain) and patties, a flaky pastry generally filled with beef or saltfish.

Vegetarian options include bammy, a traditional (and delicious) gluten free flatbread and callaloo, a veg based dish that comes in many varieties.

And of course, the rum flows freely, and can be found in a number of delicious cocktails including a Rum Punch, Mai Thai or Bob Marley shot!

3. Culture & History

Jamaica is home to a vibrant culture and fascinating history.

Amongst its most famous exhibits is Rose Hall, the former plantation which has been transformed into a museum. Anyone planning to visit should read up on the terrible tale of Annie Palmer, aka the White Witch, whose ghost supposedly still haunts the house to this day.

For the travelling historian, there is no better accommodation than the Green Castle Estate. Located in Robin’s Bay, just an hour away from the capital of Kingston, the Estate itself has a rich history dating back several hundred years, and the area hosts a number of tours exploring its captivating past as well as local scenery and activities.

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