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3 ways your business can cross borders

In a tricky era for business, globalisation is the key to longevity.

Building relationship across borders and expanding your customer base is a great way to futureproof your business in turbulent times.

Globalising your enterprise can have unexpected personal benefits too – if you’re someone who likes to travel, expanding internationally can gift you new opportunities to see the world and venture out, leading to a wealth of potential growth experiences for your as well as your company.

1. Reach out through social media

Social media is a valuable tool that connects people across the globe. It’s also a great way for your business to reach customers, build brand awareness and generate interest.

A strong social media campaign that expresses your brand identity can connect your brand to consumers across the world. International consumers can often be tempted by brands selling from abroad, but will often be deterred by the challenges of long-distance purchases, such as long wait times, high shipping costs and the potential for import and export taxes.

But consumers drawn in by your USP – something they can’t get anywhere else – are more likely to take a chance on your product with the support of a consistent social media campaign. Potential customers will often follow with the intention of simply admiring your product, but can eventually be tempted into buying.

A good social media strategy is a must for any business, but especially one looking to globalise and branch out.

2. Get involved with global causes

Despite perceptions to the contrary, recent research suggests that brand ethics is an increasing priority for many customers, particularly those under 30 (Gen Z).

But navigating this is more complicated than avoiding public faux pas – research suggests that consumers appreciate it when brands communicate their values loud and clear.

Involve your brand with altruistic causes such as engage with Fairtrade and making charitable donations. Participating in altruism is a personal bonus, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your company is having a positive impact in the world.

Just remember that it’s great to wear your brand values on your sleeve, but be tactful in the way your promote your good deeds – it’s easy to come across as cynical or tone deaf. Your ethics should be something you have in common with your customers, rather than a tool to entice them.

3. Explore international marketing

Digital marketing is the phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment as trade relies increasingly on the online world for many.

And as experts like Maratopia Digital Marketing know all too well, it can be a valuable tool to broaden your horizons across borders.

As well as localised campaigns, international SEO services offers by specialist agencies can help you to connect with consumers in different countries, transcending distances, language barriers and technical challenges!

By personalising your digital marketing and SEO campaigns for different markets, you are more likely to find consistent long-term success.

These three tips should support your international ambitions and help your business to cross borders worldwide.

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