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5 Ways to Stay Entertained on Your Mobile When Travelling Long Distance

Even for the most dedicated of travellers, long journeys have a habit of breaking our resolve sooner or later. From hours in the backseat to insurmountable hold-ups at the airport, staying positive when you have all those hours – and all those miles – lying ahead of you is not always as simple as it might seem during the planning stages of your journey.

Fortunately, we are all venturing out equipped with everything we could possibly need to stay entertained and upbeat. Our mobiles offer an incredibly versatile distraction from the demands of the road – or, of course, the skies. Keep reading to find some excellent tips for using your mobile to get you through the next leg of your journey.

traveller airport and planeMobile gaming has come a remarkably long way in just a few short years, and now stands as one of the most influential areas of the global gaming industry in general. If it has been a while since you last checked in with your app store, then only a brief look will show you just how many choices there are available to gamers of all interests and persuasions.

From chasing down Pokémon to joining justice league games in a thrilling cinematic experience, it would take a lifetime of travel to make even a small dent in the number of high quality and compelling titles available to gamers today.


The vast majority of us are constantly carrying a high quality camera in our pockets, but very few of us are making full use of the tech available to us. Getting to grips with the nitty gritty of mobile photography takes time – and far more investment than simply pointing and shooting – but the pay off is well worth a few hours of research.

From sweeping airport panoramas to candid portraits, you can spend your travel time creating a gorgeous, personal portfolio of shots that will take you straight back to the highs and lows of travelling for years to come.


Digital podcast libraries are constantly growing. Each and every day, creators are working tirelessly to offer excellent content to their listeners on all manner of subjects. From audio dramas to in-depth analyses on true crime, pop culture, literature and more, anyone with a few hours to kill will be able to find a wealth of content perfect for them.

This is an excellent solution for anyone who struggles to read on a long car journey, or who wants to be able to take in the scenery without falling asleep in the back seat. Instead of falling into a daydream, you can learn, think, laugh or cry along to some excellent audio content.


The road makes writers of all of us. All those hours of quiet reflection as you watch the changing landscape roll past your window create the perfect scenario for a little introspection, and your mobile provides an excellent outlet for all those meditations from the road.

You can find a huge variety of excellent journaling apps to download. Some will simply leave you to it, while others will provide plenty of prompts that will enable you to organise your thoughts better, and create an invaluable, lasting memory of your journey.

Setting off on a trip is an exciting prospect, but we all inevitably reach that point on the road when we begin to yearn for our creature comforts back home. But, whether you’re travelling across the UK or the world, we can all avoid hitting a wall when it comes to travel – simply prepare yourself with plenty of absorbing distractions on your phone, and you will find that you arrive at your destination free of travellers’ melancholy.


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