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From London to The Netherlands

Here is a reminder that, in order to go on holiday, do not have to go far away. Neither do you have to go for a long period of time. A weekend in Amsterdam with close friends will do. Leaving the packed city of London for Amsterdam is always a good idea.

There are weekly flights from the UK to the Netherlands. Depending on the booked flight, you will land at the airport in Amsterdam or Eindhoven. In general, the flight to Eindhoven is a little bit cheaper than the flight to the capital city Amsterdam. However, Eindhoven lies in the south of the Netherlands and is surrounded by very popular cities. It is a popular city itself as well. Traveling to the surrounding cities is an experience by itself. In case you did not know, driving through The Netherlands will not take you more than three hours in total.

Rent a car

Driving from Eindhoven to the capital city will take you approximately an hour and a half. Those who have travelled before you recommend doing the trip to Amsterdam by car with a fun group of friends. Car rental at Eindhoven Airport is available for drivers who are at least 24 years of age. The number of people that rent cars for private reasons is currently at an all-time high. There are many explanations for the increase in customers within the car rental business. The biggest reason for the spike is the service that comes along with it. Decades ago, the customers did not get to drive an unlimited amount of miles. Also, the type of cars that used to get offered has changed over the years.

When in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a huge amount of activities that also could be done during the weekend. Unfortunately, just a weekend is too small when it comes to the large offer of activities. Therefore, it is of main importance to plan the trip when you are still in the UK. Amsterdam is a touristic city as well. Though it is not as packed as London, keep in mind that most tourists come to the Dutch capital for quite the same reasons. Therefore, it is important for you to make a reservation on time in order to avoid disappointment.

If Amsterdam is still too touristy for you, you might want to relocate to Rotterdam. This is a city that lies in between Eindhoven and Amsterdam. To most people, Rotterdam resembles Amsterdam. The main difference between the two is the amount of tourists, as Rotterdam receives seemingly less tourists. Research has shown that the difference in the amount of tourists could be explained by the simple fact that Rotterdam is not as known as Amsterdam is. Until about 10 years ago, tourists just did not know about Rotterdam at all. The latter has changed in the last decade. Rotterdam is now a similar active and fun city, which is worth a trip to The Netherlands. The trip can be facilitated with a car rental in The Netherlands as well.

Rajhu S Goraai is a Passionate Stock and Commodity Researcher. Travel addict and Photographer. Co-founder and Editor of Leading Business & Tech Magazine.

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