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Pennsylvania in spring: visit Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens welcomes you to embrace the beauty of nature, relax from the common stresses of daily life, and learn more about horticulture. If you love to hold on to memories and take pictures, this setting is the perfect place to take advantage of that opportunity as well.

With such a family-friendly and playful atmosphere, Longwood Gardens draws many crowds. The day my wife and I visited this popular attraction was no exception. Temperatures climbed up to around 80 degrees–a perfect spring day for a family outing. The sun’s rays shone brightly through the trees. I felt the breeze cool me off as the temperature rose. The kids were joyfully jumping up and down, galloping, screaming, and running. They rolled down the hills. While the kids played in the grass, the adults looked around in wonder.

At the gardens, consisting of over 1,077 acres, people relished the many sights, sounds and smells of nature. They strolled by the exotic flowers, trees, and plants as well as breathtaking springs and waterfalls. As stated on the website of this amazing spectacle, the “gardens are awash in spring color, scents, and textures.”

The Flower Garden

Enjoy a peaceful walk through the Flower Garden where you focus on countless, dazzling flowers, rich in color. These flowers invite you to stop and enjoy their beauty along the way. At this spot, people relax, take their time scanning each side of the path filled with flowers, and take pictures. You’ll notice the variety of tulips and the many colors–several clusters of red, yellow, orange, and white. Whatever was previously on your mind, it most likely would have gone away at this point as you take in this aspect of nature.

Peirce-du Pont

The Peirce-du Pont House was originally built in 1730 and is the oldest structure at Longwood. Inside is the Heritage Exhibit, where we learned about the history behind this place. Photos, artifacts, and presentations show and explain the detailed story behind this landmark. At a nearby location outside the Peirce-du Pont House, you can take more time to appreciate nature. We heard the birds joyfully chirping. As we slowly walked around, we scanned the numerous trees surrounding the area. On a warm day like this, you might want to relax on the bench under the shade. While doing so, spend time gazing the nearby landscape of hills and flowers.

The Springs

Draw near the towering fountain springs. Gaze at the misty, silvery-white water spray appearing to meet the clouds with matching colors. The fountains and waterfalls renew your spirit. As you approach them, feel that cool sensation refresh you.

The Conservatory

The unique collections of flowers included the Canterbury bells, which stood out to me. The flowers displayed the shape of small purple bells. The “Painted Tongue” had everyone feasting their eyes on the purple, brown, yellow, orange, and red. The Bougainvillea grabbed peoples’ attention along with other flowers from tropical Asia. Because of the amazing scenery, I took home numerous close-up photos of the vast array of flowers.

Meadow Gardens

Heading toward Meadow Gardens, you can relax in a large area of green grass as tree branches gently sway in the breeze. At one place near the Gardens, the sun peaked through the light green leaves of the massive trees that surrounded me. Plenty of shade provided some time to cool off and rest. That time allowed us to slow down and enjoy the natural displays.

Peirce’s Woods

At one section called Peirce’s Woods, Pierre S. du Pont ‘s quote from 1975 explained the importance of saving the collection of old trees: “…Many of them of extraordinary growth and arresting appearance.” Peirce’s Woods is a seven-acre woodland garden with native plants.

Flowers and Trees at the Gardens

You’ll find much on display at Longwood Gardens including towering bald cypress, giant Sequoia, red maple, and eastern white pine trees. You’ll also come across large-cupped daffodils, Spanish bluebells, the painted tongue, wild Hydrangea, Christmas ferns, and many more blooms.

Consider a Visit to Longwood Gardens

From my experience, you will not find more spring in the air than at Longwood Gardens. Depending on when you decide to go, covid-related guidelines may still be in effect. Longwood Gardens is located on 1001 Longwood Road in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

All photos by Annie Ciccanti.

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