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Jet Off With These Vacation Outfits For Summer 2021

Days spent enjoying the sea breeze, fruity cocktails, and care-free vibes are nearly upon us. Are you ready? Whether enjoying a staycation or planning to travel far and wide, getting your holiday wardrobe ready now will help to save stress further down the line. From choosing luxury swimwear brands right through to designer luggage, there’s plenty of things to look about. Jet off with these vacation outfits ideas for summer 2021.

White Maxi Dress And Statement Sunglasses

First outfit suggestion; try pairing a white maxi dress with chic sunglasses. Heading off on holiday without a maxi dress is almost a fashion crime – they are perfect for both the day and evening, and super easy to style, too.

A white or bright-colored dress is the ideal sidekick to have with you for any summer getaway. Besides the fact that it stops your clothes from absorbing heat, a white dress always compliments perfectly sun-kissed skin.

For gents, a pair of white shorts or pants with a brightly colored shirt is the way to go. Complete your outfit with a pair of killer sunglasses, and you’ll be ready to hit the beach. You can almost picture it now, can’t you?

girl with sunglasses

Cropped Top With Shorts And Sandals

Expect to see a lot of lace-up sandals this summer. If you love these sandals, try combining them with a cropped top and pair of shorts to give you that casual summer feel. Put on your favorite luxury swimwear underneath this combination and change when you get to the beach or poolside. You can decide to rock the outfit alone if you want. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to look vacation ready.

Loose-Fitting Denim Shorts And Sandals

Shorts are great for holiday; they’re easy to chuck on and keep your legs cool in the summer heat. To remain looking stylish when wearing shorts, opt for denim ones. Denim shorts can be taken from day to night, eliminating the need to worry too much about an outfit change. Denim also works well with many colours and materials, giving you full freedom to mix and match your looks.

Colorful Mini Dress Paired With White Sneakers

Like we mentioned earlier, summer offers the best time to show off those white or brightly coloured clothes. A colorful or floral mini dress will help you do just that.

For your daily walks around town, you can pair your colorful floral outfit with a pair of white sneakers. Adding white sneakers to a colorful dress will give a sharp contrast and transform your outfit into a fun and lively combination.

Denim Skirt With A Scarf Or Straw Hat

Paired with a denim skirt, scarves and straw hats combine to create a signature summer vacation look. The long scarf always ends up creating a beautiful contrast with the short denim skirt, giving you a relaxed and yet ready-for-fun vibe.

Another thing you should not forget is a woven bag, especially if you expect to spend long hours at the beach. Your bag will contain all your skin essentials while at the beach, so you don’t need to keep running back and forth to your car or hotel room. Plus, the woven bag will match perfectly with your straw hat. It’s a vacation-win, that’s for sure.

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