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The true benefits of going for a holiday rental on your next break

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A holiday or even just a short break may be just what you need to recoup and recharge, and there’s no better way to spend time with your family or friends than in a relaxing destination with some sun, sand, sea, and more. Even if you are planning a short getaway, many benefits come from a “break from reality,” so to speak, and you can come away feeling like a whole new you. But whilst staying at a hotel or resort may be the usual thing, you have another option in accommodation that can prove to be vastly more advantageous. Holiday rental properties abound, not just within our shores but also in other countries and exotic locales, and it’s worth thinking about booking a holiday rental rather than your usual hotel or resort. But what benefits does it bring? Here are the actual benefits of going for a holiday rental on your next break or holiday.

It’s not as expensive

Truth be told, if you stay in a hotel or resort, you may have to spend more on what you are getting. If you go for an entire suite or several rooms, it won’t give you as much value for your money compared to staying at a holiday rental property.

It gives you utter privacy

It’s certainly tempting to stay at a hotel or resort because, after all, we’re used to it when we go on holiday or take a break. But many hotels and resorts are teeming with guests, and it’s harder for you to have your private space where you can relax and do your thing. The only private spot in a hotel or resort is your room or suite – and that isn’t much when you think about it. But with a holiday rental property, you can choose from an assortment of big houses to rent, perfect for your entire group, and you can each have your personal space plus have the entire home to yourself. You can stroll through the grounds (and believe us when we say that some of those homes have truly extensive grounds and gardens), and you can dine and bond in peace with your friends and family without any disturbances.

It’s more comfortable and comes with a host of amenities

Whilst some holiday rental homes may come only with the basics; some offer more comfort and even luxury. If you want a place that comes with a host of amenities, you can opt for the grander homes for rent available in the UK and places like Ibiza and Provence or Lake Como in Italy. These homes are outfitted with many stellar amenities, from indoor and outdoor swimming pools to air-conditioned bedrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, game and cinema rooms, tennis courts, and more – not to mention stunning views. You have the place all to yourselves and can enjoy the facilities and amenities without having to wait your turn and without the presence of other guests.

A holiday rental property can give you a lot more than a hotel or resort. You have the option to prepare the food you like (why not visit a nearby market to get a sample of the local delicacies and the freshest ingredients?), sleep in, and take in your wonderful surroundings to your heart’s content.


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