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Travelmag’s twenty-second year of operation. Our early launch in 1994 seems a long time ago, and thanks to Redbone’s fantastic web design, lately improved by some inspired tinkering by Boss Cat Web Design, we still think we look young. Most importantly, the new site is a lot less labour-intensive for the Travelmag’s editor, Jack Barker (me).

Travelmag correspondents travel well beyond the guidebook routes, illuminating little-known corners of the globe and, occasionally, revealing a bit about themselves as well. We put up the features we find interesting, usually because they’re good, but sometimes because they’re outstandingly bad. Newspapers and print magazines won’t tell the everyday tales of travel in the developing world, print individual takes on particular places or run stories that might upset the advertisers paying for space on the next page. We don’t worry about any of these things. The travel writing here, unlike those filtered by more conventional media, reflects the huge variety of individual travel experiences.

As ever we’re totally dependent on the excellent contributions that come in from readers and travellers worldwide. Sometimes our writers are experienced journalists who use the Travelmag to air their riskier features, about destinations or activities too esoteric for mainstream print publications. Others are starting out travel writing, learning the craft and looking for markets for their travel stories. Still more simply want to share their travel experiences with a wider audience.

Whatever your motives, if you’re interested in submitting your own travel tales, check out our ‘Write for Us‘ guidelines.

Till then, take a surf around, look over other people’s travels to see how they compare with your own, and add your thoughts through our new travel forums. Happy Travels!

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