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Asia Pacific   18 Oct, 2014, 09:37
Fishing, toddy and seafood suppers: daily life on Kiribati Island  
Andy McGinlay

On Kiribati Island Andy McGinley settles in to an undemanding routine. Daily life proceeds at its usual, tropical Pacific pace, but when his departure date looms the stresses of the West aren’t slow to kick in.

Asia Pacific   30 Sep, 2014, 09:35
A welcome botaki on Abemana, Kiribati  
Andy McGinlay

Andy McGinlay settles into the slow-paced life of Kiribati, one of the world’s smallest nations, marooned in the endless idyll of the tropical Pacific. There can’t be many better places to be cast away.

Africa   1 Mar, 2014, 17:55
Into Sudan on the Wadi Haifa ferry  
Andy McGinlay

Andy McGinlay has an eventful journey heading south down Africa, crashing into dunes in Egypt and finding the last train left for Karthoum two years before. But in the small town of Karima he finds peace amongst ancient Kushite pyramids.

Africa   2 Jul, 2013, 13:01
Into West Africa and ‘The Heart of Darkness’  
Andy McGinlay

Andy McGinlay finds constant powercuts, petty corruption and roads in bad shape make the journey from Guinea to Sierra Leone something of a trial. But it’s the experience of summary justice on Bureh Beach that provides the final, most disturbing impression.

Asia Pacific   19 Apr, 2013, 14:06
Life on a beach in Mogmog, Micronesia  
Andy McGinlay

Marooned in the vast Pacific Ocean, the islands of Micronesia are amongst the remote in the world. Andy McGinley flies in to find a cautious island welcome – with betel on the menu.

Middle East   29 Mar, 2013, 20:27
Overland Iran: borders apart, remarkably easy  
Andy McGinlay

Officialdom aside, Andy McGinlay finds travelling in Iran refreshingly easy. As ever, its the Iranians themselves who make everything work.

Middle East   4 Mar, 2013, 15:42
Taken for spy in Assad’s Syria  
Andy McGinlay

In the relatively relaxed early days of the Arab Spring, before Syria’s uprising got serious, Andy McGinlay busses into Damascus and shoots off some photographs of city-centre buildings. Including, incredibly, the view from the top of the Ministry of Defense. This turns out to be somewhat unwise.

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