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Americas   19 Feb, 2014, 01:31
Making a Mexican pilgrimage to La Chaparrita  
Catriona Rainsford

Despite being not remotely religious, Catriona Rainsford finds herself swept up with the ritual as Mexico’s people surge towards San Juan de los Lagos.

Americas   19 Jan, 2014, 01:06
Under arrest for busking Mexico’s semáforos  
Catriona Rainsford

Catriona Rainsford finds her malabarista lifestyle in Mexico is brought to a shuddering end when the immigration police of San Luis Potosí catch her panhandling at a local set of traffic lights. Soon she’s in a cell with others heading north.

Americas   26 Jun, 2013, 13:18
Hitching across Mexico with furniture and a cat  
Catriona Rainsford

In this extract from her book ‘The Urban Circus’ Catriona Rainsford finds herself hitchiking through Mexico’s infamous ‘Silent Zone’, a region full of rumors of aliens and shadows of ghosts.

Americas   3 Apr, 2013, 12:29
A lazy day in downtown Chihuahua  
Catriona Rainsford

Catriona Rainsford’s very excellent book about her time as a roving malabarista in Mexico includes some dazzling pen-portraits of everyday life. Here, her temporary home in a minor nondescript city.

Americas   4 Mar, 2013, 15:13
On the road with the malabaristas – in Mexico  
Catriona Rainsford

In the small town of Chihuahua Catriona Rainsford strikes up a friendship with an itinerant circus performer – and embarks on a two-year safari into the heart of the country. Extracted from her book ‘The Urban Circus’.

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