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Europe   4 Oct, 2019, 19:34
Scotland and us: a twelve-day immersion  
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards avoids air travel for her 12-day immersion tour of Scotland, something other UK residents would be most unlikely to do. This is what it’s like.

Americas   14 Oct, 2017, 13:35
Road-tripping America’s solar eclipse  
Chris Edwards

Chasing the eclipse brings Chris Edwards into contact with bits of America she never knew existed.

Americas   20 Sep, 2017, 19:30
Off-season memories of North Carolina’s outer banks  
Chris Edwards

In quieter times Chris Edwards revisits North Carolina’s Outer Banks, reliving childhood experiences of stress-free sunny vacations before today’s hurricane threats.

Americas   4 Jan, 2017, 19:45
A Shawfest road trip on Canada day, with sides  
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards finds the Ontario Shawfest very much to her taste. Especially as Canada celebrates their National Day.

Europe   7 Jul, 2016, 07:56
Cruising to Europe then touring by train; low-stress travel  
Chris Edwards

When Chris Edwards takes on a tour of Europe she opts to avoid air travel. A cruise ship and trains (when not on strike) provide no-hassle travel for the 21st century.

Americas   27 Mar, 2015, 16:52
Stalking ancestors on the streets of New York  
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards’ predecessors came to America through Ellis Island, living out their lives in New York city. On a whistle-stop tour she discovers her roots.

Americas   19 Feb, 2014, 15:08
Three weeks on the rails across North America  
Chris Edwards

North to Canada, across from east to west, south to the USA and finally back across the States eastwards and home – and all by train. The railway ride of a lifetime shows Chris Edwards a whole continent in all its glory.

Americas   15 Sep, 2012, 14:03
Je me souviens: A road trip to la Gaspésie  
Chris Edwards

The Canadian character is often overshadowed by their big neighbours to the south. But French Canada is different again. Chris Edwards finds school French returning on a trip from Montreal to Quebec, and then on to La Gaspésie.

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