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Africa   11 Apr, 2014, 21:59
Heavy going on poor tarmac: south from Kasane  
David Fletcher

The road south of Kasane isn’t just bad: it’s like a badly-made cake. David Fletcher’s Brian makes heavy weather of Botstwana’s very poor driving surface, but then arrives at Planet Baobab – which serves beer.

Africa   7 Feb, 2014, 13:58
Crossing the ‘Vet Fence’ into northern Namibia  
David Fletcher

Travelling along the arrow-straight roads of Namibia’s teutonic planners, David Fletcher reflects on the history that gave birth to such a strangely-shaped country.

Central Asia   18 Dec, 2013, 12:06
India’s traffic explained by a ‘Fourth Dimension’  
David Fletcher

A journey through Assam proves something of a revelation for David Fletcher, as he finally understands the miracle that is India’s chaotic traffic. Extracted from his book, Brian on the Brahmaputra.

Asia Pacific   21 Nov, 2013, 14:29
Resort rules: how Westerners behave in a Malaysian resort  
David Fletcher

Writing, for some reason, as a bloke called Brian, David Fletcher finds his first day on Sabah – in a luxury resort – tells him more about the other tourists than the country he’s come to see.

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