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Europe   19 Apr, 2012, 18:24
Pissed off in Paris: an American at large  
David S Grant

France’s capital struggles to charm David S Grant as he negotiates the tourist highlights. A diet of strong coffee keeps him going in a land of berets and bendy straws.

Americas   23 Feb, 2012, 04:30
Fear, loathing, and Red Stripes: Jamaica, all-inclusive  
David S Grant

On an all-inclusive holiday in Jamaica David S Grant finds that most of the guests never leave the resort. He is an exception, but finds he has to run a Jamaican gauntlet of drug proposals and Margarita bars.

Europe   24 Dec, 2011, 11:53
Three nights on the tiles in Amsterdam  
David S Grant

David S Grant has a good time on his visit to Holland’s capital. Too good, in fact. If he’d stayed another light he’d have had to leave his liver there.

Europe   3 Dec, 2011, 10:22
Highlight Italy: Florence, Tuscany and Pisa  
David S Grant

Trenitalia and a private driver/guide mean David S Grant makes maximum use of a few days. He gets to explore Italy’s iconic attractions, eat a few pizzas and sample, extensively, the local wines.

Europe   21 Oct, 2011, 14:40
Venice – an icon that lives up to its hype  
David S Grant

Never the easiest tourist, David S Grant is reassured to find that Venice is actually as beautiful as everyone says. Despite being thoroughly lost most of the time he enjoys his stay.

Europe   24 Aug, 2011, 10:18
A roam through Rome  
David S Grant

Rome in summer, and David Grant braves the 90 degree heat to take in the sights. Italy’s Capital contains some stunning ruins but he also finds some truly awful restaurants, only saved by a steady flow of Prosecco.

Europe   20 Jun, 2011, 10:28
Madrid, Spain: the hangover begins  
David S Grant

Over a long weekend in the Spanish capital David S Grant is fuddled by flamenco, tempted by tapas and baffled by bulls. Seeing the sights becomes something of a challenge in a city where the bars don’t ever seem to close.

Europe   24 May, 2011, 17:02
Drunk in Dublin and canned in Cork: New Year in Ireland  
David S Grant

To ring in the New Year, David Grant grabs family and friends and flies out to Dublin. The Irish ‘craic’ proves well up to the challenge and even leaves some quite clear memories.

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