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Africa   30 Nov, 2019, 13:05
Taking a taxi-brousse across Madagascar  
Donal Conlon

There’s nothing routine about overland travel in Madagascar. Donal Conlon has to wade rivers and rent canoes to complete a one-day journey to Diego Suarez that takes him three.

Africa   16 Nov, 2019, 13:01
Pissed on a plane on the flight to Beira  
Donal Conlon

Donal Conlon finds he has some very drunk company on his night flight across a sleeping Mozambique.

Africa   30 Oct, 2019, 12:53
Fishing for prawns off the Mozambique coast  
Donal Conlon

For most visitors to Maputo prawns are a treat that you find on your plate. Donal Colon joins the fishermen to experience the thrill of catching them in the wild.

Africa   16 Oct, 2019, 12:51
Lost – and then found – on the way to Lalibela  
Donal Conlon

Donal Conlon loses his bus in a small truckstop on the way to Ethiopia’s buried churches. With no Amharic he has little alternative but to (try to) hitch.

Central Asia   31 Oct, 2014, 07:32
A ‘Hippy Trail’ busride across the Khyber Pass  
Donal Conlon

The glory days of Asian travel have to be the 1970’s, when an early wave of backpackers flooded into a whole new world of drugged-out colour. Donal Conlon digs out an old diary entry of his journey from Delhi to Kabul.

Africa   29 Sep, 2014, 14:26
Cruising the Loza River in north-western Madagascar  
Donal Conlon

Donal Conlon takes a break from his work in Mozambique to hitch a lift down a Madagascan river. A local boat proceeds at a very local pace.

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