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Africa, Central Asia   16 Oct, 2012, 14:02
Life on Male’ – like life on Mars  
Donna Richardson

For most visitors, the Maldives mean idyllic beaches and luxury lodges. Donna Richardson works and stays in the city of Male’, and finds a very different country to the postcard-perfect image.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   7 Dec, 2011, 10:22
The Maldives on foot: backpacking Addu  
Donna Richardson

The undeveloped islands of the Maldives have only just opened up to independent travellers. Donna Richardson charts a course around the heart-shaped Addu Atoll and finds it easy to get around on a budget.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   3 Apr, 2011, 14:55
Cargo-boat cruise round the Maldives  
Donna Richardson

The Maldives are best known for their luxury resorts, crowded onto a few small islands leased to international hotel chains. Donna Richardson hops on a local cargo vessel heading to the archipelago’s southernmost islands and uncovers an alternative Maldives.

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