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Europe   4 Jun, 2018, 17:17
Gaudi’s Barcelona buildings: tourist traps or treasure troves?  
Elizabeth von Pier

The Catalan Capital is famous for many things, but one of it’s most famous are the fantastical buildings designed by its most famous architect. Elizabeth von Pier explores Gaudi’s sensational landmarks.

Middle East   26 Mar, 2018, 17:14
Al Ain: Abu Dhabi’s oasis in the desert  
Elizabeth von Pier

Abu Dhabi is known for its eponymous capital city, but few people visit Al Ain, the Emirate’s second city. Elizabeth von Pier finds enchantment in the desert.

Europe   10 Nov, 2017, 08:58
Surprised and charmed by Frankfurt  
Elizabeth von Pier

In Germany’s financial heartland, former banker Elizabeth von Pier feels very much at home. She almost declares, a la Kennedy, ‘Ich bin ein Frankfurter’.

Middle East   16 Jan, 2017, 13:58
Jordan’s deserted desert castles  
Elizabeth von Pier

Lured away by Petra and other headline sights, few visitors to Jordan head fifty miles out of Amman to explore ancient castles marooned in sand. Elizabeth von Pier finds the experience peaceful and entrancing.

Africa   14 Sep, 2016, 08:55
Medinas, minarets and mountains in Morocco  
Elizabeth von Pier

From the city of Marrakesh, Elizabeth von Pier takes a leisurely tour of the spectacular Atlas mountains, discovering a world of kasbahs and chasms and a taste of Arab culture.

Americas   27 Oct, 2015, 12:55
Toltecs and tortillas on a genteel tour of Mexico  
Elizabeth von Pier

Mexico’s wonders are effortlessly brought to Elizabeth von Pier as she tours San Miguel and the Yucutan Peninsula, with its wealth of current culture and ancient ruins.

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