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Asia Pacific   5 Feb, 2018, 13:22
A paroxysm of morality clouds Indonesia’s sunny image  
J.M. Daniels

Five years in jail for sex outside marriage? That’s what the Indonesian government seems to be legislating. J M Daniels says that’s not just unwise, but insane.

Asia Pacific   22 Aug, 2017, 11:10
We’d all love to own a villa in Bali. The bad news is we can’t.  
J.M. Daniels

Whatever it says in overseas property supplements, Indonesia’s underpriced villas cannot safely be bought by foreign nationals. John M Daniels corrects one well-known newspaper that should have known better.

Asia Pacific   6 Feb, 2012, 23:14
All good news: breaking a leg in Bali  
J.M. Daniels

When John ‘Jack’ Daniels falls over the steps of his Indonesian villa, he finds himself at the mercy of Bali’s finest doctors. Thankfully he finds they bolt him up superbly.

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