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Americas   29 Feb, 2016, 17:49
Playing gauchos in an estancia in rural Uruguay  
James Sinclair

In rural Uruguay James Sinclair discovers his inner cowboy, saddling up for horseback trails and cattle mustering. And all without the hype and bluster you’d find in the dude ranches of northern America.

Africa   12 May, 2015, 10:30
A brief flirtation with the edge of the Sahara  
James Sinclair

James Sinclair hires a 4×4 in Marrakech and crosses the Atlas to meet Saharan sands. Where, appropriately, he swaps his car for a camel.

Europe   26 Jan, 2015, 21:24
Taking the Via Egnatia to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora  
James Sinclair

The spectacular landscapes of Greece harbour any number of spectacular sites. But James Sinclair, with his partner and toddlers in tow, find Meteora something of a revelation. The pinnacle-clinging monasteries here get closer to God just by climbing.

Europe   13 Feb, 2014, 10:18
Hunting for octopus off a very Greek beach  
James Sinclair

Anyone prepared to eat octopus should also be ready to kill one. But when James Sinclair goes spear-hunting in the waters off Greece he finds octopus, at least, are quite prepared to fight back.

Africa   16 Oct, 2013, 10:16
A taxing time on Toubkal in the middle of December  
James Sinclair

North Africa’s highest mountain is a major climbing challenge. But not one that daunts James Sinclair, who takes some time off work and flies to Morocco to summit the Atlas Mountains’ greatest peak – in winter.

Americas   24 Aug, 2012, 20:03
Thoroughly robbed: when armed bandits hit a Caribbean lodge  
James Sinclair

Colombia’s pretty safe now but it wasn’t always. At about beer o’clock on a 2005 evening James Sinclair, along with every other guest in a Tayrona National Park lodge, was rounded up by masked men with guns. Kidnappers? Thieves? Or worse? Read on..

Americas   22 Mar, 2012, 13:08
Struck with awe by California’s Big Sur  
James Sinclair

Touring the USA, James Sinclair finds the coast at Big Sur shows America at its most moody and imposing.

Europe   25 Nov, 2011, 13:25
Punctures, crashes and lots of beer: cycle Deutschland  
James Sinclair

As the Royal Wedding ruins a UK weekend, James Sinclair heads off to invade and conquer Germany – on a bicycle. But instead of cheering on their regal exports the locals are busy celebrating May Day, which seems to involve plenty of drink.

Americas   11 Aug, 2011, 14:52
Locked up in Quito: exploring Ecuador’s darker side  
James Sinclair

When James Sinclair decides to visit an Ecuadorian prison he’s expecting to console Western prisoners. But a mix-up by the taxi driver lands him in another jail, for hardcore locals without connections. Then they lock the doors.

Europe   28 Jul, 2011, 00:09
Schweiz, Switzerland: the Alps in Spring  
James Sinclair

On a journey into the Alps, James Sinclair finds the Swiss are anything but strait-laced. When they are told to party – they do: more than dutifully and in beautiful surroundings.

Middle East   20 Apr, 2011, 14:50
In Israel and Jordan  
James Sinclair

James Sinclair spends some time in the fragile heart of Israel and then breaks out to explore the highlights of Jordan. This earns him a thorough search when he comes to fly home.

Asia Pacific   16 Mar, 2011, 00:20
An awesome dive off Sipidan  
James Sinclair

One of Malaysia’s finest dive sites certainly does it for James Sinclair. By a tropical island, stitched into the depths of a coral-filled sea, he rolls off a boat for eight dives of his life.

Africa   9 Feb, 2011, 14:15
Trucking 1000km across Mozambique  
James Sinclair

James Sinclair leaves Lake Malawi to head for the Indian Ocean. Only problem is Mozambique’s in the way and no bus service in sight. Undeterred he hitches a ride on a lorry.

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