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Europe   8 Aug, 2015, 12:46
No English needed for a late night in Spain  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Live music and tapas keep the lights burning bright on a night out in Elche. Jemilla Russell-Clough finds that as the night wears on the English fade away as the Spanish locals stay out to play.

Europe   30 May, 2015, 13:28
A riotous time at Carnival in Cologne  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Germany’s not always associated with great celebrations. This isn’t fair, says Jemilla Russell-Clough, as he heads out onto the streets for a lavish festival. Not a bad way to brighten up February.

Asia Pacific   20 Mar, 2015, 16:22
An Australian road trip through the Northern Territory  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Her first job in Australia ends badly for Jemilla Russell-Clough, due to a possibly naive refusal to flirt. They might have told her that was part of a miner’s job description. But it gives her a chance for a long aimless road trip through the endless outback.

Africa   16 Nov, 2014, 19:29
Assaulted by South Africa – but in a good way  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Jemilla Russell-Clough finds Durban a challenging, exciting place. Even when she heads out of town in a borrowed bucky (think ute, pickup)and then, in a remote part of rural KwaZulu-Natal, find it leaks petrol faster than she can fill it.

Europe   30 Sep, 2014, 08:27
Searching for traces of Lille’s Huguenot past  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

France’s northern city of Lille is easily reached from the UK, but few Eurostar passengers linger. Jemilla Russell-Clough, however, has a mission: to trace an early resident who fled persecution to settle in South Africa.

Europe   18 Sep, 2014, 13:22
The man who’d walked from Ghent to Brussels  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

A beggar who’s either desperate or incompetent approaches Jemilla Russell-Clough on the moneyed platforms of Brussels International Train Station. And he has a story to tell.

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