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Central Asia   4 Mar, 2016, 17:49
Getting to know Colombo, Sri Lanka’s chaotic capital  
John Gimlette

A new travel book by John Gimlette is always quite an event. Despite being possibly the best of Britain’s travel writers he still has to keep his day job (shame) so only writes when he can. His new title describes his travels through Sri Lanka.

Americas   14 Aug, 2012, 05:27
A riot of cultures in Georgetown, Guyana  
John Gimlette

John Gimlette’s book, ‘Wild Coast’, has just been shortlisted for the Dolman Travel Book Prize. This extract from his wanderings around South America’s little-visited Guianas makes it clear it should win.

Americas   18 Apr, 2011, 13:18
Snakes and sorcery in Guyana’s soggy hinterlands  
John Gimlette

Deep inside roadless Guyana the Rupununi Savannah is the last refuge of a vanishing way of life. In this extract from ‘Wild Coast’, his excellent new book, John Gimlette steps out with the locals to go and hunt for food.

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