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Africa   19 Jan, 2017, 12:46
Battlefield tourism: the reality behind the film ‘Zulu’  
Jonathan Trollip

The rolling landscape of Isandlwana looks peaceful these days. But Jonathan Trollip discovers a bloodsoaked past as it’s where British colonialism suffered its first major setback, losing a major battle with South Africa’s Zulu warriors.

Africa   7 Jan, 2013, 10:20
Bicycling across borders: Africa’s ‘Tour de Tuli’  
Jonathan Trollip

Forget the Tour de France. Jonathan Trollip takes part in it’s African variant, taking in bits of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, clocking up way too many miles in a headlong, dusty pedalfest.

Africa   9 Nov, 2012, 18:27
Kilimanjaro climb: the long trudge to summit Africa  
Jonathan Trollip

Of the 20,000 climbers who attempt Tanzania’s iconic volcanic mountain each year, apparently an average of 20 die. Jonathan Trollip takes the gamble and lives to tell the tale.

Africa   21 Sep, 2012, 10:41
Call of the Wild on Zambia’s Liuwa Plains  
Jonathan Trollip

Liuwa Plains is one of Zambia’s least-visited National Parks. Jonathan Trollip’s safari diary shows it’s well worth the journey as there’s plenty of drama in this remote haven for African wildlife.

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