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Central Asia   29 Jan, 2020, 09:33
Yala National Park: more man than beast?  
Jude Perera

Jude Perera takes his family to see the wildlife in Yala, Sri Lanka’s prime game park. But though he finds a few animals he sees a lot more tourists. Yala is getting crowded.

Central Asia   4 Feb, 2012, 14:57
Too close to elephants in a Sri Lankan forest  
Jude Perera

When another jeep gets stuck in the mud Jude Perera’s driver hops out to help. This leaves Jude, and family, abandoned amongst an increasingly frisky set of touchy tuskers. Forget the heroics: just get us outta here!

Central Asia   25 Nov, 2011, 14:09
Monuments and sarees: a tour of North India  
Jude Perera

On the road between Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Jude Perera takes a whistlestop journey around North India’s highlights and is stunned by the buildings but and the art on show.

Central Asia   22 Jul, 2011, 13:27
Touchdown in Colombo  
Jude Perera

After years living in Australia, Jude Perera finds the flight into Sri Lanka brings back a flood of childhood memories.

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