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Africa   5 May, 2020, 16:34
A journey through Angola, with contrasts and surprises  
Lesley Pritt

Lesley Pritt takes a tribal safari through Angola, a country with little experience of tourists. Her interest in tribal traditions is met by a lofty indifference as to what makes her tick, as long as she makes the ‘traditional’ donation.

Africa   24 Apr, 2020, 17:55
On safari in the Central African Republic  
Lesley Pritt

Leslie Pritt manages to skirt coups, civil wars and general unrest to take a wildlife safari in the Central African Republic.

Africa   26 Sep, 2017, 21:59
Carnivores on steroids on a safari in Botswana  
Lesley Pritt

The daily drama of Africa’s wildlife is on open display when Lesley Pritt heads out into the wilds of Botswana.

Africa   21 Aug, 2016, 09:57
In North Kafue National Park the wildlife comes to your deck  
Lesley Pritt

When Lesley Pritt books herself a safari in Zambia she expects to have to head off on game drives for the wildlife experience. But the animals here prefer to visit.

Africa   22 Aug, 2011, 13:23
Leopard madness in South Luangwa  
Lesley Pritt

In five years of safaris Lesley Pritt has never had much luck spotting leopard. This changes dramatically in Zambia when she sights eleven in just a few days.

Africa   26 Nov, 2010, 13:24
Puku watching at Plains Camp  
Lesley Pritt

Take Africa slowly is Lesley Pritt’s advice. Instead of heading out on a game drive she spends an afternoon in Zambia sitting around at camp and watches the drama of the bush play out in front of her. And the lead actor, surprisingly, is a lechwe called Dave.

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