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Europe   22 Mar, 2012, 13:32
700 tourists for each resident: Christiansø Island  
Lilia Velinova

Lilia Velinova heads to the very edge of Europe when she sails to Christiansø, a remote island off Denmark’s Baltic coast. Each summer the indigenous population of 100 is swamped by a tidal wave of 70,000 visitors. But why?

Europe   17 Feb, 2012, 13:12
Settling into Sofia, no guidebook required  
Lilia Velinova

When one Aussie visits another a full tour is in order. Lilia Velinova shows a visiting Kevin around Bulgaria’s capital city – and her adopted home.

Americas   12 Dec, 2011, 13:28
Perfect Puerto Rico – all the better beyond the beach  
Lilia Velinova

Lilia Velinova finds a warm welcome in the Caribbean’s US outpost is a breeze. After frittering away too many days on her resort beach she opens out to the locals and discovers a whole new world.

Europe   5 Nov, 2011, 18:09
In love with Lisbon  
Lilia Velinova

Portugal’s capital city casts its spell over first-time visitor Lilia Velinova: her five days in the city mark the start of a long-lasting affair.

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