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Central Asia, Europe   18 Aug, 2016, 18:36
Pamukkale, Turkey: odd and definitely dazzling  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson finds his first sight of Pamukkale, Turkey’s famous postcard highlight, something of a disappointment. But he gives it time and finds plenty to appreciate,

Europe   13 Mar, 2015, 14:24
Naples, quite possibly the center of the universe  
Paul Michelson

Italy’s sultry southern city knows it’s the centre of something pretty big, but Paul Michelson has grander ideas. After a coffee-fueled visit he comes to believe its the heart of the world.

Americas   31 Mar, 2014, 16:37
Maui’s hair-raising highway to Hana is no fun at all  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson falls for tourist board superlatives and takes his family on a famously scenic drive in Hawaii. But the hairpins and traffic are too much for his nerves – and stomach.

Americas   7 Dec, 2013, 15:43
A night to forget in America’s ‘Sin City’  
Paul Michelson

The USA’s gambling mecca fails to charm Paul Michelson, who finds Las Vegas a hot, congested and dysfunctional city where the Nevada Desert is never far from town.

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