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Americas   30 May, 2012, 16:39
Toronto: a city of surprises  
Rachel Khona

Rachel Khona was born in Toronto, but at six months old someone moved her pram. Now grown up, she takes a fresh look at one of Canada’s most underrated cities.

Americas   7 Jan, 2011, 13:40
Slowing down in ‘Tamagringo’  
Rachel Khona

City girl Rachel Khona had plenty planned for her Costa Rican holiday in Tamarindo. But when a snorkelling injury derails action-packed days of exploration she learns to relax and have fun – and her vacation comes to life.

Europe   11 Dec, 2010, 18:12
Stranded and penniless in the Pyrenees  
Rachel Khona

On an overnight journey from Paris to Barcelona, a sleepless Rachel Khona gets off to change trains. Unfortunately not at the station she needed, but at a pit stop in the middle of nowhere. And she only has three Euros. How could she possibly make it to Spain?

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