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Americas   16 Dec, 2011, 11:35
Peru from a saddle: by horse and by bike  
Rick Langrehr

No travel insurance for Rick Langrehr as Peru, apparently, is unsafe for Americans. But South America’s highlights, including Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca are brought within easy reach by a fart-powered horse and a high-powered motorbike.

Americas   3 Dec, 2011, 10:40
Held captive in Cuba’s all-inclusive hell  
Rick Langrehr

Rick Langrehr flies in to the Caribbean for an easy-going vacation, but finds poor service – and worse food – makes it hard to relax in the resort of Varadero.

Americas   22 Jul, 2011, 13:46
Las Vegas and the search for the hidden charge  
Rick Langrehr

America’s ‘Sin City’ doesn’t fool Rick Langrehr – though he finds it has many subtle ways of sneaking his dollars. Hotels, he finds, fall into three categories.

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