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Americas   20 Jul, 2012, 11:40
Bemused by banks: cash-happy on the streets of Brazil  
Rob Dwyer

As an expatriate in Sao Paulo, Rob Dwyer finds his financial situation insecure and dramatic – just like everyone else’s, as far as he can tell. In the end he relaxes and spends what he has.

Americas   21 Oct, 2011, 14:48
A first ride on a São Paulo bus  
Rob Dwyer

Marooned on the outskirts of Brazil’s most populous city, Rob Dwyer decides to take a bus. It’s just as well he has no particular destination in mind as he’s lucky to find his way home.

Americas   12 Sep, 2011, 16:13
Baffled by banter in downtown São Paulo  
Rob Dwyer

A new life in Brazil proves something of a challenge for Rob Dwyer as he waits for his language skills to kick in. Until he learns Portuguese his only recourse is to sit at the table like a deaf granny.

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