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Africa   12 Dec, 2011, 14:27
Africa’s artists: meeting Malawi’s sculptors  
Stefanie Giglio

In many parts of southern Africa you’ll see more animals carved in wood, on sale by the side of the road, than you will on a safari. Stefanie Giglio meets the craftsmen who turn Africa’s trees into art – and therefore food.

Africa   26 Oct, 2010, 06:36
Mariam Kawinga: seamstress, Malawi  
Stefanie Giglio

When Stefani Giglio goes frock shopping, she does it in style. Armed with a sheaf of fabric she tracks down the best seamstress in Monkey Bay, and gets her dresses tailor-made.

Africa   22 Jul, 2010, 13:50
White girl on a Malawian bike  
Stefanie Giglio

Monkey Bay, Malawi, and Stefanie Giglio decides to travel like a local on a black, Chinese bike. But – like many things in Africa – buying a bicycle is not a simple process. First she has to hire a mechanic…

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