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Africa, Middle East   15 Jul, 2014, 15:59
Somali refugees bring geopolitics to a dusty road in Yemen  
Tom Allen

Tom Allen escapes his military escort in Yemen’s southern deserts but soon meets a group of refugees, fresh from a boat from Somalia. And when they ask for his help he has little to offer.

Africa, Middle East   28 Jun, 2014, 15:47
Cycling through Yemen’s kidnap-happy badlands  
Tom Allen

Tom Allen is woefully unprepared for his cycle ride out of Aden, passing as it does some of the world’s most dangerous insurgent areas. So when the army comes to his help it seems natural to accept a lift.

Africa   17 Jun, 2014, 15:33
A reflective night out in Egypt’s endless desert  
Tom Allen

Round-the-world cyclist Tom Allen finds shelter for the night in a lonely outpost just north of Cairo. With time on his hands he reflects on his life on the road.

Africa   18 May, 2014, 23:26
Trusting a stranger in downtown Djibouti  
Tom Allen

With an almost reckless abandon, Tom Allen entrusts his cherished bicycle, with all its rtw equipment, to a penniless harbour tout in a dodgy port in East Africa – and finds it’s all kept safe.

Africa   18 Apr, 2014, 20:05
Getting stoned in Ethiopia’s highlands  
Tom Allen

Amhara might be one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, but long-distance cyclist Tom Allan finds his journey plagued by children – who aren’t at all easy to ignore.

Africa   18 Mar, 2014, 13:54
Crossing the Nile to discover a whole new Sudan  
Tom Allen

On his cycle-ride down Sudan Tom Allen steps well off the beaten trail when he crosses the Nile. According to the map – and most of the people he asks – there’s nothing there.

Central Asia   18 Feb, 2014, 20:38
Armenia comes to terms with the aftermath of communism  
Tom Allen

After six months in Yerevan, Tom Allen finally takes to the road on his bicycle, reflecting on a country still recovering from the collapse of communism and emerging, blinking, into the 21st century.

Africa   18 Jan, 2014, 13:24
A wealth of hospitality in a Sudanese village  
Tom Allen

Sudan is a country best known for conflict and death. But when round-the-world cyclist Tom Allen finds his health fails on a long pedal south he finds peace and tranquility amongst the kindness of strangers.

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