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Europe   5 May, 2015, 15:50
Pasta and olive oil in Finale Ligure  
Tom Koppel

While the crowds flock to Venice and Florence, Tom Koppel finds a less visited part of Italy, where the pleasures are quieter and all the better for that.

Europe   15 Feb, 2015, 08:09
Champagne: far more than just wine with bubbles  
Tom Koppel

Tom Koppel tours France’s most prestigious wine regions and finds plenty of opportunities to taste the local produce in an unspoiled rural setting. His photographer wife, Annie Palovcik, is there to keep a steady hand on the camera.

Asia Pacific   21 Aug, 2014, 14:08
Life in the slow lane on Raivavae, South Pacific  
Tom Koppel

The pace of life is pretty slow anywhere in Polynesia. But on one of the smaller islands Tom Koppel finds the easy paradise that once entranced Paul Gauguin, James Michener, and every visitor since. Photos by Annie Palovcik.

Asia Pacific   10 Oct, 2013, 13:18
Outrigger traditions in the remote Pacific islands  
Tom Koppel

In the Marshall Islands ancient maritime traditions are making something of a comeback. In this extract from his book ‘Mystery Islands: Discovering the Ancient Pacific’, Tom Koppel explores a remote society very much alive in the present age.

Europe   13 Sep, 2013, 09:27
The mountain tribes of Switzerland: meet the Walsers  
Tom Koppel

Mountains often cradle distinctive customs and dialects, and the Swiss Alps are no exception. Tom Koppel delves into a unique subculture in German-speaking Switzerland and finds it making an effortless transition to the 21st century.

Central Asia   20 Aug, 2013, 10:31
Elephant-back safaris and rhino in the mist  
Tom Koppel

There’s more to Assam, in India’s sometimes-chilly northeast, than Himalayan tea. Tom Koppel saddles up an elephant and heads out to meet the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park.

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