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25 Oct, 2021, 10:26
Footsteps in the sand on Vancouver Island  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt finds plenty to celebrate in Canada on a visit to Vancouver Island’s Western coast.

22 Apr, 2021, 17:55
Pennsylvania in spring: visit Longwood Gardens  
Joseph Ciccanti

If you’re in America and visiting Pennsylvania, Joseph Ciccanti says visit Longwood Gardens. Plants and flowers pictured by Annie Ciccanti.

16 Feb, 2021, 20:10
Comida, Comida Gloriosa! in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn heads to Mexico for a taste of central America.

8 Feb, 2021, 16:11
Hemmed in by Covid, some strolls around Vancouver  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt finds her travel options limited by the ongoing pandemic, so stays close to her Canadian home. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

23 Jan, 2021, 21:25
Hello Santiago, Chile’s cheerful Capital  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead finds the Chilean Capital a warm and friendly place, and all the better for an earthquake or two.

5 Dec, 2020, 15:11
9 best places to kayak in North America  
Alex Thomas

If you want to kayak North America, Alex Thomas has your handy guide as to where to go – and why.

2 Dec, 2020, 10:23
From Cape Cod to Cape Ann – and beyond  
Elizabeth von Pier

Elizabeth von Pier finds Covid cramps her travel style. In her latest journey she travels barely 40 miles from her Boston home.

26 Oct, 2020, 10:30
A mini-break in Parksville, British Columbia  
Lindsay Salt

Canadian Lindsay Salt takes a visit ‘overseas’: she leaves her Vancouver home and takes a ferry to Vancouver Island. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

1 Oct, 2020, 16:57
A slow train to the clouds: crossing Argentina’s northwest  
Nick Elvin

Nick Elvin recalls a journey into the Andes on a now-defunct rail service, the weekly freight train from Salta to Antofagasta: a trip through the Puna.

24 Sep, 2020, 14:49
3 Reasons Jamaica Should Be Your Next Holiday  
Lucy Barker

Of all the Caribbean islands, Jamaica is Lucy Barker’s favourite. From natural beauty to culture she explores the land that gave us reggae.

12 Sep, 2020, 22:00
Fun, wonder, and home in Idaho  
Bonnie Lynn

In a Covid year, Bonnie Lynn chooses a domestic trip. Riggins, Idaho proves the perfect place to bond with her grandchildren – with no quarantine involved.

24 Jun, 2020, 15:42
Acoma, New Mexico’s ‘City in the Sky’  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt heads to the deep south to meet the indigenous Acoma people who still call this inhospitable landscape home. All photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

29 May, 2020, 12:28
Tequila donkeys and giants at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  
Elizabeth von Pier

San Miguel de Allende’s greatest fiesta celebrates their own patron saint, San Miguel. Elizabeth von Pier takes to the streets.

14 May, 2020, 13:38
Aloha Hawaii! Around the ‘Big Island’ by bike  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt finds the uphill challenges outweighed by the downhill whizzing as she tours the volcanoes, churches and coffee plantations of America’s Pacific outpost. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

30 Apr, 2020, 18:11
Desert geography at Joshua Tree National Park  
Lindsay Salt

A hike around the desert between the Mojave and Colorado deserts proves something of a highlight from Lindsay Salt’s visit to Palm Springs. Photographs, as ever, by David Grimble.

21 Apr, 2020, 23:51
History in Alcatraz: San Francisco’s penal highlight  
Claire Delano

California’s sunniest city has, as it’s premier tourist draw, perhaps it’s darkest attraction. Claire Delano visits its island prison.

19 Apr, 2020, 20:47
How to build a school in Mexico – for free  
Tyrel Nelson

Volunteering can be a hard business. Tyrel Nelson reflects on his few months spent building a school in the Mexican city of Xiloxochico.

24 Mar, 2020, 09:03
A taste of ‘real’ Mexico in Baja California Sur  
Lindsay Salt

Baja California Sur is that thousand-mile tail of Mexico dangling down in the Pacific, creating the Sea of Cortez and whose capital is La Paz. Lindsay Salt explores, with photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

1 Mar, 2020, 10:31
More than just badlands in Saskatchewan  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead explores Grasslands National Park near Canada’s American border and finds plenty of beauty and wildlife galore.

19 Feb, 2020, 11:15
Travelling bilingual: an extra layer of Costa Rica  
Warren Bratter

Warren Bratter finds fluent Spanish transforms his Airbnb adventure in Costa Rica, allowing him to join in fully with village life.

28 Dec, 2019, 19:35
An immersion course in Spanish in Puebla, Mexico  
Bonnie Lynn

Puebla. sounds like a village but it’s Mexico’s fourth-largest city. And an excellent place for Bonnie Lynn to take an immersion course in language learning, finally mastering her Espagnol.

16 Nov, 2019, 09:00
All aboard for a vegetarian cruise  
Jill Rachel Jacobs

No longer should your diet put you off cruising. Jill Rachel Jacobs boards a cruise for a culinary experience in Vegan living.

15 Nov, 2019, 14:16
A Frontier Town in America’s Cascade Mountains  
Lindsay Salt

There are no roads to Stehekin, a remote outpost near Canada in the USA’s Washington State. Your options are horseback, seaplane or, for Lindsay Salt, boat. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

12 Oct, 2019, 13:57
Joy of Jasper – the Canadian Rockies’ gentle giant  
Bhupender Gupta

Bhupenda Gupta finds beautiful scenery and a light touch of tourism as he tours Jasper, one of Canada’s scenic wonders.

16 Sep, 2019, 13:14
4 Brazilian cities you should travel to  
João Santos

South America’s largest and most populous countries takes plenty of exploring. João Santos reviews four of the best cities to visit in Brazil.

2 Sep, 2019, 20:50
Discovering the natural beauty of Western Colorado  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt explores Colorado’s natural beauty, bought to life with photos by David Grimble.

1 Sep, 2019, 14:49
Costa Rica, Central America’s ‘Switzerland’  
Lucy Barker

Lucy Barker experiences La pura Vida

28 Jun, 2019, 11:02
Arizona beckons on the ‘Go John’ trail  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead has visited every State in America, but Arizona is one of his favourites. So he returns to take a hike.

14 Jun, 2019, 07:17
Riding Durango’s narrow-gauge railway in deepest Colorado  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt finds there’s still snow piled up when she visits Colorado’s historic narrow-gauge railway linking Durango with Silverton. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

8 Jun, 2019, 03:58
Haida Gwaii – and a sacred First Nation experience  
Eric Whitehead

From British Colombia Eric Whitehead heads west, to the isolated First Nations outpost of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the mainland where the past is allowed to hold sway.

31 May, 2019, 16:59
Was I the first Malay on Easter Island?  

When Teja travels to Easter Islands the locals do a double-take. Southeast Asian and a Muslim? Now that’s something new.

7 May, 2019, 21:51
Lessons from Mexico’s Mama Gray Whales nursery  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn bonds with the great cetaceans as she visits a whale sancturary on Mexico’s coast,

20 Apr, 2019, 09:56
North into the Arctic from the Dempster to the Tuktoyaktuk Highway  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead continues his journey north into Canada’s most remote Northwest Territories and finds the road surface quickly deteriorates.

20 Apr, 2019, 08:14
Easter Island: sculptures by the sea  

Misled by maps, Teja assumes Easter Island will be small enough to walk around. It isn’t. But with no money for a rental car she sets off on foot anyway.

4 Apr, 2019, 16:53
Skiing in pursuit of Canada’s migrating Caribou  
Peter Mather

Northwest Canada’s a bad place to be stranded when your plane breaks down. Not least if you’re chasing Caribou and weighed down with 700lbs of camera equipment. Peter Mather straps on his skis.

29 Mar, 2019, 08:30
Mayan ruins and sacred cenotes: Mexico’s Yucutan  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt finds culture and adventure on Mexico’s Yucutan Peninsula, with Mayan ruins mixing with natural wonders. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

28 Mar, 2019, 16:18
The best cities in the USA  
Jack Carter

There’s so much to see in North America it’s hard to know where to start. Jack Carter says the major urban hubs are a good introduction.

19 Feb, 2019, 08:37
5 places to visit in New Jersey  
Paul Woollacombe

Paul Woollacombe finds plenty of reasons to visit America’s most glamorous State, Well, five, anyway.

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