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10 Dec, 2021, 19:50
Sri Lanka – 24 hours in Colombo  
Donna Richardson

With just 24 hours to spend in Sri Lanka, Donna Richardson headed to the capital Colombo and commandeered a ‘tuk tuk’ to see the sights in a city break with a difference.

25 Oct, 2021, 10:47
The game is afoot: firewalking in Singapore  
Amanda Jaffe

Amanda Jaffe attends the last fully accessible Theemithi fire walking ceremony in the days before Covid. These days the experience is all online…

29 Jul, 2021, 20:40
Kunming, Yunnan – China’s most exciting art city  
Katrine Levine

Katrine Levin’s mission is to discover extraordinary art from places that are less explored and for her, the Yunnan Province in China is the perfect location to find rich experiences.

14 Jul, 2021, 19:57
Inconvenient in Oceania: an educated, female, travelling Muslim  

As a low profile Muslim travelling in Oceania, Teja finds herself fighting a whole host of preconceptions spread by Australians – and others – with no experience of anyone quite like her.

14 Jul, 2021, 19:44
War in the darkness: Hanoi relives its traumatic past  
Lee Ruddin

The American war is brought back to life for Lee Ruddin on a visit to Vietnam.

22 Jun, 2021, 10:00
Low effort, high value: Black pearl farming in Polynesia  

While globetrotting around the islands of the Pacific, Teja discovers the intricate art of pearl farming – and the jewellery grown in nature.

21 Jun, 2021, 22:10
What are 5 interesting facts about Cambodia?  
Lucy Barker

Lucy Barker dispells some of the many myths about Cambodia, Southeast Asia’s hidden jewell.

7 Jun, 2021, 13:56
Memories of 1960’s Funfairs on Hearsall Common  
Martin Oliver

The sounds and smells of a Bangkok street send Martin Oliver down memory lane, to a past where funfairs visited his childhood home.

7 May, 2021, 13:49
Fruit isn’t always optional in a Thai ice tea  
Martin Oliver

At a Bangkok cafe, Martin Oliver tries to order a plain Iced Tea. But as often in Thailand, the locals get their own way.

29 Mar, 2021, 16:24
Bruny Island – Tasmania’s offshore sanctuary  
Anthony Toole

Off the coast of Australia Anthony Toole explores Bruny Island. Though little-known elsewhere it’s Tasmania’s premier day-trip destination, a haven for wildlife off its southeastern coast.

17 Jan, 2021, 21:56
A surreal drive across Madagascar’s highlands  
John Gimlette

Jetlagged and confused, John Gimlette finds himself slipping in and out of reality on a – very slightly dangerous – drive across Madagascar’s highlands, now a deforested, landslipping plain.

22 Dec, 2020, 12:31
Meeting my Waterloo in downtown Singapore  
Amanda Jaffe

Somehow we should have known that 2020 has been the ‘Year of the Rat’ according to the Chinese calendar. In Singapore’s traditional street-vendor region Amanda Jaffe gets a taste of things to come with a cataclysmic horoscope.

26 Oct, 2020, 10:08
Vientiane, Laos: not what I imagined, but that’s Travel  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson visits the Southeast Asian country of Laos and finds it’s capital city challenges his preconceptions. Not least because there seems not a lot goes on. Apart from a mysterious set of gleaming golf clubs.

2 Sep, 2020, 21:09
Phnom Penh, Cambodia: emerging from a dark past  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson breezes through Cambodia’s greatest city, but takes time to visit Tuol Sleng, the infamous prison used by the Khmer Rouge when the country went thoroughly to the bad. This brings unsettling thoughts.

20 Aug, 2020, 17:01
An Australian royal family prove unlike any other  
Nick Elvin

The Principality of Hutt River rejoined the nation of Australia this month, in August, 2020. Nick Elvin recalls crossing the border from Western Australia into a wonderfully strange micronation.

16 Jul, 2020, 22:49
Bangkok’s canals: Asia’s greatest city from its waterways  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson finds Bangkok’s klongs reach to the heart of Asia’s busiest city in a way the clogged roads can’t do. Welcome to the Venice of the Orient.

29 Jun, 2020, 15:46
Etiquette lessons learned in Japan  
Elizabeth von Pier

For a first time visitor Japanese customs are unfamiliar and daunting. Elizabeth von Pier has learned some useful lessons, including how to operate their high-tech loos.

21 May, 2020, 16:49
Tea time in Tokyo: a formal experience  
Elizabeth von Pier

Tea in Japan is a very ceremonial occasion. Elizabeth von Pier tucks up on a tatami mat and drinks green tea from a bowl.

30 Apr, 2020, 16:43
Singing to the King of Thailand  
Elizabeth von Pier

Even the new King of Thailand commands serious respect. It’s his birthday so Elizabeth von Pier pays her respects.

9 Apr, 2020, 21:50
Surfing Covid on a final tour as Australasia shut down  
Bonnie Lynn

Good, better best butts with bad, terrible, are you kidding? Bonnie Lynn’s Australian tour slips in between the bushfires and a growing Covid epidemic.

20 Aug, 2019, 21:02
Southeast Asia on crutches – do it now!  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson needs crutches to get around. Next year his health might be better – or not. So he travels to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and does it now.

13 Aug, 2019, 08:30
Top 3 things to do in Thailand’s Koh Chang  
Lucy Barker

One of Thailand’s largest islands, Koh Chang was late to be developed – and is all the better for it. Lucy Barker tells you what to see and do.

12 Aug, 2019, 16:04
A road trip from Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne  
Ciarán Logue

Ciarán Logue finds and old Toyota Camry perfectly adequate to deal with Australia’s fearsome distances.

14 Jun, 2019, 09:00
6 highly recommended travel attractions in Chiang Mai  
Lucy Barker

To see Thailand at its best, head to its northern capital, Chiang Mai. Lucy Barker has some tips for visitors.

9 Jun, 2019, 11:08
Koh Phrathong – Thailand’s secret island  
Philipp Meier

Thailand expert Philipp Meier says there’s still an island that’s off the electricity grid – and the tourist trail. Here he introduces Koh Phraphong.

31 May, 2019, 16:59
Was I the first Malay on Easter Island?  

When Teja travels to Easter Islands the locals do a double-take. Southeast Asian and a Muslim? Now that’s something new.

2 May, 2019, 09:27
A rainy first night in Hong Kong  
James March

James March finds his first impressions of Hong Kong slightly coloured by the relentless rain. It makes him somewhat philosophical – and wet.

28 Apr, 2019, 12:38
Koh Samet’s seedy hinterland  
Brian Fisher

Biran W Fisher has already toured most of Thailand’s islands but not, till now, the most accessible from Bangkok. He finds Koh Samet is crowded with a litter issue.

12 Nov, 2018, 13:18
Panda-tracking tales from China’s Anzihe reserve  
Kyle Obermann

Photographer Kyle Oberman talks to the Travelmag about his expedition into China in search of the elusive – and endangered – panda bears.

28 Aug, 2018, 15:20
The Moai Mystery of Easter Island  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead heads into the Pacific to discover the mysterious death of Easter Island, where a culture that could carve – and move – 80-ton stones inexplicably vanished.

27 Jun, 2018, 14:03
A biker’s guide to Papua New Guinea  
Ian Lloyd Neubauer

Ian Lloyd Neubauer explains why his motorbike tour of Papua New Guinea inspired him to write a guide to other bikers in this unexplored corner of Southeast Asia.

19 Jun, 2018, 09:00
Two baby boomers get stoned by Angkor Wat  
Kirsten and Billy Haskins

Cambodia’s iconic highlight comes as something of a revelation to Kirsty and Bill Haskins, as they belatedly hobble along the Hippy Trail in Southeast Asia.

23 May, 2018, 08:10
Pursuing the culture and spirit of New Zealand’s Maoris  
Lindsay Salt

A traditional village welcome makes Lindsay Salt feel fully attuned to the proud and sturdy Maori culture. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

11 May, 2018, 15:49
A captivating 24 hours in Queenstown, New Zealand  
Lindsay Salt

The sun comes out in South Island for Lindsay Salt as she explores New Zealand’s adventure capital. Photos, as ever, by David Grimble.

13 Apr, 2018, 21:41
The Tongariro Alpine crossing, New Zealand’s best day walk  
Lindsay Salt

The Tongariro crossing is one of New Zealand’s most challenging day hikes through an Alpine landscape. Lindsay Salt steps out boldly. Photos, as ever and with perfectly straight horizons, by David Grimble.

11 Mar, 2018, 12:06
A Bangkok sandwich in Thailand’s Rayong Province  
Brian Fisher

An early injury curbs Brian Fisher’s ambitious plans for travelling around Thailand. But not by much..

23 Feb, 2018, 12:43
Learning to care for Java’s endangered wildlife  
David Nesbit

David Nesbit takes a group of children to the Cikananga Wildlife Center on Indonesia’s most crowded island, where they learn to rehabilitate orphaned wildlife for release into the wild.

22 Feb, 2018, 17:46
How my trip to Thailand totally changed my life  
Nicoleta Radoi

When Nicoleta Radoi first went to Thailand she was sure to spend at least half her visit volunteering. Now, she says, it’s a way of life.

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