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29 Jul, 2021, 20:40
Kunming, Yunnan – China’s most exciting art city  
Katrine Levine

Katrine Levin’s mission is to discover extraordinary art from places that are less explored and for her, the Yunnan Province in China is the perfect location to find rich experiences.

20 Jun, 2021, 14:29
When students trek for ‘charidee’ (think of the kiddies)  
Elize Downing

Round-Britain runner Elize Downing remembers her first great adventure, a university charity trek to Nepal’s base camp

3 Mar, 2021, 12:38
A touch of caste colours a Himalayan trek  
D B Goman

Most travellers to India surf across the caste system without dwelling too closely on how they rank. On a trip to the Himalayas D B Goman tries to walk the delicate line between respecting the caste system while also thinking it’s unfair and ridiculous.

23 Nov, 2020, 11:41
Vomit on the tracks – the Tamil Nadu Express  
Colin Todhunter

Colin Todhunter needs to get from Delhi to Chennai and chooses to go by train. But any railway journey in India – let alone such a long one – is always an experience.

26 Oct, 2020, 10:08
Vientiane, Laos: not what I imagined, but that’s Travel  
Paul Michelson

Paul Michelson visits the Southeast Asian country of Laos and finds it’s capital city challenges his preconceptions. Not least because there seems not a lot goes on. Apart from a mysterious set of gleaming golf clubs.

29 Jun, 2020, 15:14
Turkish delights in Istanbul’s many markets  
Elizabeth von Pier

Elizabeth von Pier explores the frenetic world of Turkey’s finest markets in the capital city, Istanbul.

6 Mar, 2020, 09:12
Why a motorcycle tour is the best way to experience Bhutan  
Paul Tom

The Kingdom of Bhutan has an index of happiness. What better way to experience it than on your own vintage motorcycle.

5 Feb, 2020, 15:15
India to Afghanistan (almost) by 70’s Hippy Bus  
Donal Conlon

In the glory days of the overland trail Donal Conlon push-starts his way across Asia on a dodgy bus. Along the way they somehow heard that Elvis died, so probably 1977.

4 Feb, 2020, 13:23
‘Victory Day’ in Kazakhstan: bittersweet memories of WWII  
Ski Krieger

‘Victory Day’ is celebrated throughout Russia and the former Soviet satellite states. Ski Krieger explores the somewhat nuanced nationalism in Almaty, the Kazakh capital.

29 Jan, 2020, 09:33
Yala National Park: more man than beast?  
Jude Perera

Jude Perera takes his family to see the wildlife in Yala, Sri Lanka’s prime game park. But though he finds a few animals he sees a lot more tourists. Yala is getting crowded.

29 Dec, 2019, 12:57
Following The Beatles on an Indian Tour  
Tom Herstad

It might seem niche, but Tom Herstad finds there’s plenty of sense structuring a tour of India around 1960’s pop icons.

27 Oct, 2019, 18:36
On roads that echo: bicycling too far. Part 1: Asia  
Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker cycles far too far – though not fast – as he pedals across India on his way to Africa. Here there’s a river in the way.

6 Oct, 2019, 20:13
Looking for the Dalai Lama? Forget Dharamsala, he’s not there  
Sara McMurry

Sara McMurry finds few Tibeta deities in Daramsala, so she heads off, more usefully, to Mcleodganj,

6 Sep, 2019, 19:40
Arranged marriages in India: can and do they work?  
Sara McMurry

Sara McMurry takes a considered look at arranged marriages, as they happen in Asia, and wonders whether they might just work.

1 Sep, 2019, 15:28
Day 1 of a tiger safari in Ranthambore, India  
Bhupender Gupta

Bhupender Gupta heads from Mumbai to Rajasthan to see one of India’s most famous tiger reserves – and the very first day brings sightings.

6 Aug, 2019, 19:05
A few thoughts about Caste from an Indian village  
Sara McMurry

Sara McMurray wrestles with one of India’s most intractable problems: the enduring issue of caste.

22 Jul, 2019, 09:29
Nothing and everything, spiritual India has it all  
Kip Brook

Kip Brook finds a visit to India a thoroughly transformative experience.

11 Jul, 2019, 12:42
In Bhutan’s Thunder Dragon’s Tigers Nest  
Will Ottley

Will Ottley ventures into the Himalaya’s ‘Secret Kingdom’, where happiness is a social aim and tradition is perfectly preserved.

6 Jul, 2019, 17:57
A shopping trip in Jaiselmer and how to test Pashminas  
Sara McMurry

Sara McMurry goes shopping in Jaiselmer and learns how to identify a genuine Pashmina.

8 Jun, 2019, 13:44
In praise of Karnataka’s useful coconuts  
Adam Clapham

Adam Clapham’s portrait of small-village life in India includes a paen to the humble coconut – and it’s alcoholic potential.

6 Jun, 2019, 16:41
A day in the life of a rural Indian school  
Sara McMurry

When Sara McMurry stops working she doesn’t retire. She goes off on a series of volunteering stints teaching children in rural India, In this extract she’s teaching in a village near Shiv in the deserts of Rajasthan.

8 May, 2019, 13:31
Intruder drama in a small village in South India  
Adam Clapham

Adam Clapham’s new book portrays daily life in a small Karnataka village. In this extract a straggler strays into town.

13 Apr, 2019, 20:47
At the end of a gun in Azerbaijan  
Ski Krieger

Sjue Krieger discovers the vital importance, in the Caucasus, of not being a CIA spy. As this brings the risk of sudden death.

1 Feb, 2019, 14:12
Fairy chimneys, cave churches and underground cities  
Elizabeth von Pier

Turkey’s Cappadocia region is an iconic destination. Elizabeth von Pier tours the world’s most indiosyncratic desert destinations.

24 Dec, 2018, 09:59
A taste of Turkish Delight in the markets of Istanbul  
Elizabeth von Pier

Elizabeth von Pier takes tea and time to explore the shopping opportunities in Turkey’s greatest city.

12 Dec, 2018, 17:37
Signs of colonialism fading in present-day Mumbai  
Lee Ruddin

Lee Ruddin finds history hangs heavy as he finds while he’s getting selfies against Bombay’s famous Gateway to India, everyone else chooses their background as the Taj. And that’s the Taj Hotel, not the wonder-of-the-world in Agra.

12 Nov, 2018, 13:18
Panda-tracking tales from China’s Anzihe reserve  
Kyle Obermann

Photographer Kyle Oberman talks to the Travelmag about his expedition into China in search of the elusive – and endangered – panda bears.

12 Oct, 2018, 12:09
Trapped between the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan  
Yuri Drobkov

There are 18 icy, wolf-infested kilometres between these two countries. Yuri Drobkov has the choice between freezing and getting eaten in the wastes of Central Asia.

11 Oct, 2018, 10:30
‘Catch 22’ means no local SIM card for you in provincial India  

Everyone told Teja that English was widely spoken in India, and getting a SIM card would be easy. But when she flies into Varanasi she finds neither statement true.

9 Aug, 2018, 14:55
How to buy sapphires in a Sri Lankan street market  
Kim Rix

Experienced gemologist Kim Rix outlines what to look for in sapphires and how to safely buy them abroad. In her new book she’s already outlined what to look for. Now she tells you how to buy.

6 Jul, 2018, 15:31
A golden idol and bloody sacrifice above the Himalayan clouds  
Yuri Drobkov

Heading up into Nepal’s highlands by bus, Yuri Drobkov stumbles into a pretty exotic bit of authentic culture.

6 Jul, 2018, 14:12
Top five places to visit in India during Monsoons  
Jack Cage

Most travellers to the Indian Sub-Continent steer clear during its seasonal rains. Jack Cage says this is the time to capture the real spirit of the country.

12 Mar, 2018, 16:16
Expat living and working in India: what you need to know  
Richard Michael

Expat life in India can be terrific, but there is plenty of red tape. Let Richard Michael be your guide to cut through the beaurocracy.

11 Mar, 2018, 12:06
A Bangkok sandwich in Thailand’s Rayong Province  
Brian Fisher

An early injury curbs Brian Fisher’s ambitious plans for travelling around Thailand. But not by much..

6 Feb, 2018, 13:36
In praise of Cappadocia’s ‘fairy chimney’ cave dwellings  
Mary Jane Walker

Kiwi traveller Mary Jane Walker revisits Turkey’s iconic Cappadocia region, and takes the trouble to put it in a historic perspective.

10 Jan, 2018, 15:29
Cutting the wires to sneak through Tibet’s closed Western border  
Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker’s continuing adventures have resulted in the launch of a new travel book. Here, for the first time, take the chance to read his prologue.

22 Sep, 2017, 18:17
Only in Srinagar: a lake called ‘Nigel’  
Bhupender Gupta

Ignoring the advice of friends, Bhupender Gupta visits the lakes of Kashmir, where he finds a warm welcome in a postcard-pretty land now starved of tourists.

21 Sep, 2017, 21:30
Through sick and thin: haze and hope in Myanmar  
Cole Evanek

Digestive problems don’t stop Cole Evanek appreciating the sense of hope sweeping through one of the world’s least visited destinations, the country once called Burma.

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