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2 Dec, 2016, 17:38
In 700 words, the difference between Shi’ah and Sunni  
Kit Mayers

In the middle of Kit Mayers’ fascinating book about the 16th Century explorer Anthony Jenkinson is a tiny passage where he explains the difference between the grand divide in mainstream Islamic thought. Admirably concise and clear.

16 Nov, 2016, 12:47
12 travel hacks to make flying with your family fun and easy  
Lucy Barker

Travelling with your family needn’t be traumatic. Lucy Barker has a handy guide to surviving air journeys with young children.

11 Nov, 2016, 10:44
Booking holiday parking online saves time and money  
Paul Woollacombe

Getting to any UK airport by public transport is invariably expensive, uncomfortable and stressful. Paul Woollacombe says the easiest way is to drive – and park.

17 Oct, 2016, 08:36
So little time, so much to see  
Devan Hawkins

When you’ve got a full-time job with no travel prospects, there’s an art to maximising limited vacation time. Devan Hawkins plans ahead.

13 Oct, 2016, 12:20
Airport Etiquette – master the art  
Lucy Barker

As air travel disintegrates into a crazed welter of free-market obfuscation and random security checks, it’s more important than ever to prepare for a trip to the airport. Lucy Barker has a handy guide.

19 Aug, 2016, 13:56
Have sunglasses, will travel  
Lucy Barker

Summer’s here and it’s time for new shades. Lucy Barker has the definitive guide to the hottest fashions for 2016.

1 Aug, 2016, 00:01
A brief history of men’s swimwear: prison stripes to board shorts  
Paul Woollacombe

It’s the time of year to make a statement about menswear on the beach. A century of change has transformed the fashions for recreational swimming.

25 Jul, 2016, 22:22
Some tips on how to write an outstanding Travel Essay  
Lucy Barker

There’s still a space for paid work as travel writers. Let Lucy Barker be your guide.

10 Jun, 2016, 12:57
The differing costs of public order offences in Europe  
Laura Soper

Following the football? Better behave. Laura Sloper has a handy guide to the sort of fines you can expect for a range of civil misdemenours.

19 May, 2016, 11:36
5 adrenaline adventures for thrill-seeking travellers  
Andrea Proulx

Sometimes you have to shake yourself out of the daily routine. Andrea Proulx has tried many of the world’s greatest adventures and these were her best.

8 May, 2016, 13:07
How to design and build your own Arctic yacht  
Roger D Taylor

When Roger D Taylor decides to explore the Baring Sea, he first needs a boat to cope with solo sailing, cold waters and light winds. He buys an ancient hull then designs and builds his own.

28 Apr, 2016, 11:03
A guide to the movements of world shipping  

Researchers from the University of London and data visualization company Kiln have come up with a detailed map of 2012’s cargo ship movements on a bathymetric map. Could watch this for hours.

26 Jan, 2016, 17:18
Travel to runes: and avoid airport stress  
P Watson

Paul Watson says that flying around the UK – and Scotland in particular – can be like wading through a bog without wellies. Thankfully, he has an answer.

9 Dec, 2015, 08:31
This year’s bizarre questions from hotel guests  
James Pieslak

The Travelodge chain of hotels have put together a list of this year’s questions, as reported by their reception staff. James Pieslak provides a glimpse into the baffling world of business and leisure travellers.

9 Nov, 2015, 16:58
How to be a traveller with a plan  
Andra Badea

There’s no need for a detailed itinerary to enjoy a bit of travel. Andra Badea’s advice, basically, is to wing it.

2 Sep, 2015, 14:10
X-ray art on a travel theme  
Jack Barker

The humble airport scanner finds a useful role at last, in Max Oxborrow’s new travel video, live on youtube and ready to share. Jack Barker reviews.

28 Aug, 2015, 23:52
The sadness of a world that speaks only Enlish  
Devan Hawkins

Often being adrift in a foreign languages is all part of the travel experince, Devan Hawkins bemoans the relentless ubiquity of English as a travel language

24 Aug, 2015, 14:26
Spanish tales of a NightSwapping convert  
Lucy Barker

Forget beady-eyed landlords making money from Airbnb. Lucy Barker finds a far less commercial venture that’s come out of France and NightSwaps her way across Spain.

9 Aug, 2015, 15:35
7 tips for volunteering abroad  
Lucy Barker

Planning to spend some time as a volunteer overseas? Lucy Barker has some words of advice to keep voluntourists on the right track.

7 Aug, 2015, 11:40
Cecil the lion RIP. But what about chicken 638?  
Jimmy Pierce

When Cecil the lion was shot by a trophy hunter, outrage stirred around the world. But Jimmy Pierce says this is hardly matched by our attitude to what animals we farm and eat.

7 Aug, 2015, 10:17
The ultimate guide to safety on the beach  
Marlene Kenese

An average of 65 people drown every year on British Beaches. Marlene Kenese has put together this life-saving infographic that tells you what to watch out for – and how to react.

22 Jul, 2015, 09:51
Nearly half Brits have booked holidays while drunk  
Shannon Peerless

There’s no breathalyser on computer keyboards and it’s easier than ever to book holidays. Shannon Peerless says I’m not the only one whose travel plans take shape far too late at night.

30 May, 2015, 12:32
Discursive thoughts on war and peace  
Ben Cooke

As the cold war chills once more and the Middle East burns again, Ben Cooke has some thoughts on the nature of conflict and the possible opportunities.

1 Apr, 2015, 17:37
A beginner’s guide to the dread game of golf  
Martin Oliver

Even golfers struggle to explain just what it is they like about the game. Martin Oliver’s shot-by-shot account of a long hot day on a golf course is unlikely to make many new converts.

19 Mar, 2015, 15:44
How to find adventure on a package holiday  
Ramis Cizer

Even on a package holiday it’s easy to find adventure when abroad. Ramis Cizer pens a handy guide to getting off the beaten trail that applies equally to mainstream resorts and exotic destinations.

11 Feb, 2015, 10:17
USA most popular destination for Brits moving abroad  
Matt Fielding

Adventurous Brits keep one eye open for opportunities overseas. Matt Fielding unveils new research that reveals where they’d choose to relocate.

11 Dec, 2014, 16:09
The ultimate holiday: sun vs. ski  
Jonathan Thomas

While fly and flop holidays are always popular, they’re not exactly an exciting option. Jonathan Thomas reckons you’re a lot better off heading for the mountains, finding a French ski chalet, and setting off on the snow.

5 Dec, 2014, 14:24
Youth Development: a philosophy in practice  
Lucy Barker

With nearly 30 of the UK’s population aged less than 24 it’s clear that the youth of today are the society of tomorrow. Lucy Barker highlights a programme aimed at developing 15-17 year-olds into useful members of the community.

10 Oct, 2014, 08:21
Survival Chinese – 8 essential language tips for trips in China  
James Mason

Although there are loads of Chinese dialects, the most useful – and the official – language is Mandarin. James Mason says learning a few phrases can transform your travels.

8 Oct, 2014, 12:43
Travel and health – the value of a wellbeing focus  
Emily McLaren

Incurable wanderluster Emily McLaren says travel is great, but you should always keep a weather eye on your health. Each travel experience brings both physical and mental issues and potential threats.

16 Sep, 2014, 07:30
Foreign-set fiction – the best travel companion  
Tony Geary

There are some great books set overseas and Tony Geary says the research and local knowledge that shines from the page can illuminate aspects that guidebooks miss. His new site links books to places.

11 Sep, 2014, 12:10
Have e-cig, will travel? Not everywhere you won’t…  
Paul Woollacombe

Regulations on e-cigarettes vary widely around the world. They’re banned in Brazil, Argentina and even Mexico – who would have guessed? Paul Woollacombe presents a useful interactive map.

8 Sep, 2014, 09:30
The hypochondriac traveller’s guide to Ebola  
Scott Masson

There were never many tourists in West Africa – and since Ebola there are almost none. Scott Masson, however, is little deterred and says the chances of catching the killer virus are, for most travellers, low.

16 Jul, 2014, 15:33
How cellphones are ruining the travel experience  
Debra Rughoo

Has ubiquitous connectivity enhanced your travel time? Debra Rughoo says definitely not, it’s destroyed spontaneity and spoiled her chances of getting pleasantly lost.

3 Jul, 2014, 13:06
How to take brilliant travel photographs with your phone  
David Fairman

Award-winning photographer David Fairman has written a book that helps everyone achieve better digital photos. Here he tells you the simple tricks to get memorable images from your humble mobile phone.

24 Jun, 2014, 19:26
A beer drinker’s guide to cheapskate travel  
David Adelman

Drink beer on holiday but unsure of how that will hit your travel costs? Don’t worry. David Adelman has the ultimate infographic guide. There are no stats about taste or quality but, on vacation, sometimes only price matters.

12 Jun, 2014, 11:36
5 apps to get you through your travels  
Paul Woollacombe

Don’t let travel time get boring. Paul Woollacombe says that newly-developed games and apps mean travel with your smartphone can educate, entertain and inform.

3 Jun, 2014, 14:33
Use your credit rating to score a holiday bargain  
Paul Woollacombe

Searching for deals and checking your credit rating – Paul Woollacombe has 4 travel tips to avoid blowing your holiday budget.

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