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17 Apr, 2020, 16:49
Could you live in Corfu like the Durrells?  
Lucy Barker

Greek expert Lucy Barker runs through the reasons why Corfu is Greece’s real estate hotspot – and how to live the dream.

13 Apr, 2020, 09:00
Awe-inspiring French Alps locations  
Paul Woollacombe

The Alps spread across many European countries and produce some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. Paul Woollacombe looks at some of the best ski-ing options in France.

27 Mar, 2020, 13:59
The cold reality of conflict in Northern Ireland  
Lee Ruddin

Lee Ruddin has mixed feelings about the Belfast Free Walking Tour, not least that it costs him £18. The history of the troubles still makes a trickle income for some.

27 Mar, 2020, 11:25
Chill out with a cool French snowsports holiday  
Paul Woollacombe

The three biggest ski resorts in the world are found in France. Let Paul Woollacombe be your guide.

24 Mar, 2020, 15:25
A journey into the religion, past and present, in Minsk, Belarus  
Zsolt Udvarvölgyi

Zsolt Udvarvölgyi PhD makes a learned study of the many different religions in Belarus, Europe’s most secretive and little-known countries.

11 Mar, 2020, 16:23
The best Greek islands for a family-friendly holiday  
Lucy Barker

The islands off Greece are superb for children and adults alike. Lucy Barker knows which to choose.

25 Feb, 2020, 11:50
Among the Barbarians: a cruise in Norway  
Donal Conlon

When Donal Conlon wins a Norwegian cruise, the first thing he does is look at a map. With memories of Vikings he flies north to the fjords.

23 Feb, 2020, 12:12
Frigiliana, a Spanish ‘White Village’ that’s kept its charm  
Adrian Harman-Bishop

Spain’s region of Andalucia is famous for its white-painted rural communities, and Adrian Harman-Bishop says Frigiliana is one that has been able to retain its character despite years of tourism.

4 Feb, 2020, 13:23
‘Victory Day’ in Kazakhstan: bittersweet memories of WWII  
Ski Krieger

‘Victory Day’ is celebrated throughout Russia and the former Soviet satellite states. Ski Krieger explores the somewhat nuanced nationalism in Almaty, the Kazakh capital.

29 Jan, 2020, 12:42
Motorcycle Touring the North Coast 500 in Scotland  
Ryan Beitler

Ryan Beitler is your guide to one of Scotland’s most outstanding motorcycle routes.

7 Jan, 2020, 13:34
Glasnevin: Ireland’s National Cemetery.  
Anthony Toole

Anthony Toole visits the graves of Glasnevin and finds great views of Dublin as well as plenty of history, with vivid insights into Ireland’s turbulent past.

28 Dec, 2019, 23:28
All aboard for the Norfolk Broads  
Oliver Pearson

Englands southeastern flatlands have a certain fascination. Oliver Pearson ventures out on the Norfolk Broads – by boat, with dog – and finds plenty to do and see.

27 Dec, 2019, 19:17
Greece: catching the highlights of Athens in one day  
Elizabeth von Pier

Want to see Greece’s capital but have limited time? Elizabeth von Pier explores Athens in just one day.

24 Dec, 2019, 16:43
Communist Bucharest 30 years later  
Tim Miller

Romania’s turbulent past comes to life for Tim Miller as he explores the nation’s capital from an Airbnb rental in a former communist tower block.

6 Dec, 2019, 18:10
Coffee grounds for Understanding  
Lee Ruddin

As if Turkey’s political woes were not enough, Lee Ruddin causes a flap in an Istanbul cafe when he ventures that Turkish coffee is inferior to… Starbucks.

26 Nov, 2019, 20:45
Spoilt for choice in Oxford – jazz around every corner  
Peter Sissons

Oxford is known for its well-heeled undergrads and mellow stone architecture. But Peter Sissons says the live music scene is pretty good too.

23 Nov, 2019, 19:38
Wine-tasting in the hills around Olympia  
Elizabeth von Pier

Olympia might be the mountain of the Gods, but Elizabeth von Pier finds a very contemporary viniculture in the heart of Greece that would make them proud. And, possibly, pissed.

18 Nov, 2019, 17:54
10 things you can’t afford to miss when visiting Italy  
Paul Woollacombe

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Italy has flair. Paul Woollacombe has a list of highlights.

7 Nov, 2019, 15:14
Meeting the birds of Ireland’s ancient east  
Anthony Toole

Anthony Toole explores the Murrough wetlands of County Wicklow and finds an ancient landscape formed by the retreating glaciers of the world’s last Ice Age.

27 Oct, 2019, 22:16
5 travel tips you need to know before visiting Portugal  
Paul Woollacombe

Paul Woollacombe says there are some important facts to bear in mind before a visit to Portugal

21 Oct, 2019, 17:11
For a French luxury holiday, only a Chateau will do  
Lucy Barker

Holiday rentals don’t have to be cramped apartments in tourist towns. Lucy Barker finds a new rental agency specialising in luxury rental properties in France.

15 Oct, 2019, 10:04
A short cruise on the Norfolk Broads  
Anthony Toole

The flatlands of eastern England don’t have the greatest reputation. Anthony Toole, however, finds plenty to see and do on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk.

12 Oct, 2019, 12:19
A broken phone is no disaster  
Angus Cunningham

When Angus Cunningham’s phone breaks during a visit to Seville he finds disconnection makes for reconnection as he is forced to interact with the culture of Spain and the people all around him.

4 Oct, 2019, 19:34
Scotland and us: a twelve-day immersion  
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards avoids air travel for her 12-day immersion tour of Scotland, something other UK residents would be most unlikely to do. This is what it’s like.

2 Sep, 2019, 22:32
Slovenia: an unexpected jewel  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn finds one of Europe’s smallest – and newest – countries quite enchanting, as she explores Slovenia’s caves, castles and food.

1 Sep, 2019, 16:58
7 days of Croatian coast: make the best of your sailing charter  
Olly Kay

Ever fancied chartering a yacht to explore Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast? Olly Kay knows where to go – and why.

12 Aug, 2019, 13:46
Top 10 unusual foods to try when visiting Spain  
Sean Delaney

There’s more to Spanish cooking than tortillas and paella. Sean Delaney suggests some more unusual options.

26 Jul, 2019, 18:06
Planning a trip to Athens: 5 Tips  
Lucy Barker

The capital of Greece has plenty to offer visitors. Lucy Barker has a hotlist.

11 Jul, 2019, 09:14
5 top attractions when visiting the UK  
Lucy Barker

There is so much to do on a visit to Britain it’s hard to know where to start. Lucy Barker has some suggestions.

27 Jun, 2019, 20:39
Budapest, Prague and a mother-daughter bond  
Bonnie Lynn

No problems for Bonnie Lynn as she travels around Hungary and the Czech Republic while bonding with her daughter.

21 Jun, 2019, 15:30
The best week-long sailing routes in the Med  
Chloe Deans

Chloe Deans says that summer’s the time to head down to the Mediterranean for a sailing holiday of a lifetime. And has some ideas about where to sail and why.

17 Jun, 2019, 14:35
8 hassle-free Luton Airport hacks  
Lucy Barker

Lucy Barker says Luton Airport is one of the easiest to use in the UK. Well it is if you’ve mastered these eight essential travel hacks.

8 Jun, 2019, 20:25
5 unusual things to do in the UK  
Paul Woollacombe

Paul Woollacombe says there are plenty of quirky activities in the UK – and you can always take part yourself. Here are some of the best options.

21 May, 2019, 14:26
Southern Norway, overground and underwater  
Anthony Toole

Anthony Toole finds a lot of lighthouses on the southern coast of Norway, as well as the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

9 May, 2019, 09:01
Hygge and happiness in Copenhagen  
Elizabeth von Pier

Denmark’s capital has a wonderful atmosphere. Elizabeth von Pier settles down for a Danish.

8 May, 2019, 12:15
One gentleman of Verona  
Adam Jacot de Boinod

Shakespeare chose Verona for two of his plays, so it must be something special. Adam Jacot de Boinod explores one of Italy’s less-visited city-states.

5 Mar, 2019, 15:44
Self-drive Britain? Better by bus…  
Paul Michelson

When visiting the UK Paul Michelson opts for self-drive. By the time he’s toured the country from south to north he starts to wish he hadn’t bothered.

4 Mar, 2019, 14:33
Fascinating Funchal, Madeira’s friendly capital  
Adam Jacot de Boinod

Adam Jacot de Boinod finds a welcome in the hills of Madeira, Portugal’s temperate outpost in the Atlantic Ocean.

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