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Europe   28 Jul, 2011, 00:09
Schweiz, Switzerland: the Alps in Spring  
James Sinclair

On a journey into the Alps, James Sinclair finds the Swiss are anything but strait-laced. When they are told to party – they do: more than dutifully and in beautiful surroundings.

Africa   22 Jul, 2011, 14:20
Hitch-hiking amongst the peoples of Africa  
Ben Cook

Protected in a car-cocoon, it’s easy enough to drive through Botswana and Namibia. Not if you’re dependent on catching lifts. Hitcher Ben Cook earns his African name: shame it turns out to be ‘Leopard-Bait White Boy’.

Americas   22 Jul, 2011, 13:46
Las Vegas and the search for the hidden charge  
Rick Langrehr

America’s ‘Sin City’ doesn’t fool Rick Langrehr – though he finds it has many subtle ways of sneaking his dollars. Hotels, he finds, fall into three categories.

Central Asia   22 Jul, 2011, 13:27
Touchdown in Colombo  
Jude Perera

After years living in Australia, Jude Perera finds the flight into Sri Lanka brings back a flood of childhood memories.

Americas   14 Jul, 2011, 14:54
Rail Tours: a more relaxing approach to travel  
Iain Miller

The golden age of rail travel lives on in America. Iain Miller outlines some of the options for exploring the USA – and seeing its iconic sights – by train.

Asia Pacific   14 Jul, 2011, 14:47
Big Macs and more in Japan’s capital  
Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson travels to Tokyo to taste a Japanese MacDonalds. But that’s not to say he’s going to ignore the ancient culture that imbues the city. He also goes to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Central Asia   14 Jul, 2011, 14:00
Finding shanti in Mysore  
Anna Greenwood

When Anna Greenwood takes a teaching job in Karnataka’s state capital she allows a few days to orientate herself in the city and settle herself before term starts.

Africa   14 Jul, 2011, 13:47
Nzulezo Stilt Village – a homestay in Ghana  
Christian Cummins

Christian Cummins travels deep into the heart of West Africa to stay in a village community. But will living out his African fantasy help or hinder Ghana’s rural poor?

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   13 Jul, 2011, 08:05
Resiliency and Rice Liquor: after the war  
Tyson Volkmann

In Hanoi, Tyson Volkmann finds plenty of evidence of the US war, but also a new generation shrugging off the past and powering Vietnam into the 21st century.

Deals, Europe   12 Jul, 2011, 17:20
Bastille Day in Provence at the Terre Blanche hotel  
Jessica Cook

You can trust the French to royally celebrate the death of their monarchy. Jessica Cook flies into the south of France and celebrates Bastille Day in five-star style,

Americas   7 Jul, 2011, 22:35
A game of baseball in Trinidad, Cuba  
Kyle Uhlmann

On a quiet night in a sleepy provincial Cuban town, Kyle Uhlmann finds himself the token gringo in a lively local baseball game. Barack and Fidel could learn a lot from his diplomatic skills: on the dusty streets no-one is keeping score.

Europe   7 Jul, 2011, 14:28
Finding peace – and princes – in Anglesey  
Richard Lakin

For long one of Britain’s most overlooked islands, Anglesey now been chosen as home by the country’s new royals. Richard Lakin revisits a windswept outpost off the coast of Wales before the glare of publicity ruins the peace.

Central Asia   4 Jul, 2011, 14:26
Himalayan view from Sandakphu  
Carrie Patel

While Goretex travellers crowd Nepal’s Himalayan trails around Everest, there are far fewer trekkers across the border in India, in the Singilala foothills. Carrie Patel sets out from Darjeeling for the walk of her life.

Americas   4 Jul, 2011, 13:13
All at sea on the Amazon River  
Clive Leatherdale

Clive Leatherdale’s new book is a collaborative account of an Amazon cruise by a selection of passengers. In this extract he reaches the port of Almeirim, a sleepy little town in the middle of the jungle.

Asia Pacific   25 Jun, 2011, 10:21
Rice, history and politics in Alor Setar, Malaysia  
Catherine Wilson

Most visitors to Malaysia flop to the islands on each side of the peninsula. Catherine Wilson takes a different route, and discovers the small town of Alor Setar has played a pivotal role in the country’s cultural development.

Americas   25 Jun, 2011, 09:54
Hitch hiking Baja Mexico and the search for surf  
Avi Duckor-Jones

Adventures without money are often the best. Avi Duckor-Jones spends an epic month hitch hiking Baja Mexico with his surfboard and a tent. He catches some breaks but it’s the kindness of strangers that sees him through.

Central Asia   23 Jun, 2011, 14:35
Cycling Laos, from north to south  
Charlie Walker

World cyclist Charlie Walker pedals his way down small, landlocked Laos but finds plenty of water along the way. Then a scooter crash threatens to derail his trip.

Europe   23 Jun, 2011, 13:57
Edinburgh: fine for foodies  
Claire Morrison

A new wave of gastronomy is sweeping Scotland’s leading city, which is second only to London in its haul of Michelin Stars. Claire Morrison outlines the best places to pamper your palate.

Europe   23 Jun, 2011, 12:15
Brussels is Best: summer in Belgium  
Benjamin Carlier

As a Belgian who lives in Canada, Benjamin Carlier says summer is the time to visit one of Europe’s least touristy destinations. There are festivals aplenty.

Americas   23 Jun, 2011, 12:05
Too much time in Colorado’s cemeteries  
Steve Rudd

As he tours the USA Steve Rudd finds a goulish glamour in Glenwood, on the edge of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Deals, Europe, Middle East   20 Jun, 2011, 12:13
With or without kids – Colombia Beach Resort review  
Sophie McGovern

Holidays with children are very different to holidays without. Sophie McGovern takes a look at a leading Cypriot resort to see how it caters for families and couples.

Americas   20 Jun, 2011, 11:59
Montevideo: a pointless globule of pigeon turd?  
Chris Gough

Tiny Uruguay’s modest capital doesn’t immediately charm Chris Gough, but with time he finds it’s a pleasant, friendly place to spend some time.

Europe   20 Jun, 2011, 10:28
Madrid, Spain: the hangover begins  
David S Grant

Over a long weekend in the Spanish capital David S Grant is fuddled by flamenco, tempted by tapas and baffled by bulls. Seeing the sights becomes something of a challenge in a city where the bars don’t ever seem to close.

Middle East   20 Jun, 2011, 09:57
Beirut: the Paris of the Middle East  
Helena Frith Powell

Lebanon has something of a reputation: for civil war and hostage-taking. Undeterred Helena Frith Powell decides to visit – and takes her young family.

Africa, Deals, Middle East   16 Jun, 2011, 15:47
Travel in the land of the Pharaohs  
Mike Jones

The ‘Arab Spring’ has all but strangled tourism to Egypt. World-famous icons of the ancient world are all but deserted. Mike Jones says that now is a great time to visit.

Africa   16 Jun, 2011, 15:31
Another Ethiopia: trekking the Bale Mountains  
Niamh Humphreys

The whole of Ethiopia could be officially described as ‘off the beaten track’ but there’s a fairly well-trodden path around the north’s historic sights. Niamh Humphreys is not so easily herded and heads south instead, for a pony trek.

Editorials, Pole to Pole   15 Jun, 2011, 14:37
Scam 77 in a world of crime  
Peter John

Wherever there are travellers there are criminals poised to take advantage, and it pays to know how they operate. In a new book Peter John has collected together 80 ways they try to prey on backpackers. Here, as a sample, is Scam 77: the injured relative.

Europe   15 Jun, 2011, 14:09
Bike fright on Santorini  
Lana Hilton

Life on the Greek islands sounds like paradise. But at three in the morning superhero Lana Hilton finds bakery products can be dangerous.

Americas, Editorials   10 Jun, 2011, 09:24
The stray dogs of South America  
David Wellstead

They don’t have owners, don’t have homes and live on scraps: David Wellstead says the semi-feral canines who pace the streets of Latin America’s developing countries have a freedom any backpacker should envy.

Americas   9 Jun, 2011, 10:15
Perils of the Virgin Isles: winter as a yacht bum  
Karen Brady

Karen Brady’s career as a yacht cook is cut short when she falls off the top of Tortola. But that’s only the start of an adventurous few months basking in the luxury of the Caribbean’s sailing season.

Editorials   9 Jun, 2011, 09:48
In praise of travel albums  
Debra Rughoo

When it comes to travel photographs, Debra Rughoo has no time for Facebook entries or computer records. To really catch the essence of a journey she says you need a traditional travel album, complete with ticket stubs and annotations.

Americas   6 Jun, 2011, 10:33
Guatemala: a perfect retreat for body and soul  
Bonnie Lynn

There are two Guatemalas. The capital city is edgy – to put it mildly – but the rural highlands are another matter. Bonnie Lynn finds peace and tranquillity amongst Central America’s most beautiful lakes and mountains.

Asia Pacific   6 Jun, 2011, 10:05
Chiang Mai’s wildlife: elephants, tigers and backpackers  
Adam O'Hern

Adam O’Hern visits Thailand’s northern capital and finds an easy welcome into the hostel scene. Even though it’s the rainy season there’s plenty to do and see.

Americas   3 Jun, 2011, 14:40
Locke: the last Chinese village in rural California  
Daniel Metraux

High in the Sacramento Valley, Daniel A. Métraux discovers a fading remnant of America’s immigrant history.

Asia Pacific   26 May, 2011, 17:48
Bangkok’s top 5 attractions  
Chris Rowlands

There’s so much to see and do in Thailand’s capital it’s hard to know where to start. Helpfully Chris Rowlands suggests Bangkok’s five sights that really can’t be missed.

Africa   26 May, 2011, 17:26
First impressions of Kenya  
Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor’s dreams of visiting Africa come true when she flies into Nairobi: even the surly officials at Jomo Kenyatta Airport can’t dent her romantic enthusiasm.

Central Asia   26 May, 2011, 16:12
Teaching Mongolians to tango  
Erika Lindsay

Travelling across Mongolia by camel, car and train, Erika Lindsay finds a country torn between tradition and modernity. Overnighting in a traditional nomad’s tent she adds to the confusion by introducing Argentina’s most famous dance.

Americas   26 May, 2011, 14:51
Hiking Brazil’s wilder side  
Sophie Cross

Hiking with a Brazilian sounds a good way to avoid chafing. Sophie Cross discovers beauty and history come together in Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina National Park.

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