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Europe   25 Feb, 2011, 16:08
Walking London’s M25 – in the snow  
Alastair Humphreys

Inveterate adventurer Alastair Humphreys stays close to home for his latest travel challenge – following London’s outer ring-road, on foot. It’s hard to imagine a less pedestrian-friendly circuit at any time of year, so to make it more difficult he chooses mid-winter in the snow.

Africa   25 Feb, 2011, 15:44
Buffalo vs Bus – both sides lose  
Bill Davis

Microlight pilot Bill Davis has a bumpy ride getting his license to fly around Zambia’s Victoria Falls. Obtaining his permit requires several coach-journeys to Lusaka – and his final journey proves, in many ways, one too many.

Americas   25 Feb, 2011, 15:20
L Ron Hubbard’s cupboard: a brush with Scientology  
John Edwards

John Edwards always felt he’d missed out on joining a cult. His New York home just feels too balanced. So he decides, in the interest of research, to visit the Church of Scientology in Manhattan’s ‘Hells Kitchen’ area.

Middle East   25 Feb, 2011, 14:54
No revolution on Lebanon’s ski pistes  
Alanna Allen

Not all the Middle East is in a state of insurrection. Alanna Allen finds there’s not a dictator in sight at the Mount Lebanon resort of Farya Mzaar – and the skiing is superb.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   23 Feb, 2011, 17:07
The past in aspic: two Korean folk villages  
Tamara Dahler

History doesn’t stretch too far back in South Korea, but on the honeymoon island of Jeju-do they’re trying to preserve it. Tamara Dahler explores two folk villages that seek to capture an earlier way of life.

Europe   23 Feb, 2011, 16:31
Icebound in Russia: a Kremlin tour with Giorg  
Georgie Klein

A wintry Moscow is a challenging environment and hardly conducive to seeing major sights. Georgie Klein is brought in from the cold by a skilled guide called Giorg, who brings Russia’s past to life before taking her home to meet his family.

Americas   23 Feb, 2011, 16:20
Crossing the United States by train  
Janos Gal

When Janos Gal wants to cross America from Washington DC to San Francisco he decides not to fly. For those with time on their hands who want to see the country, he says train is a good way to go.

Asia Pacific   23 Feb, 2011, 16:06
Meeting Elvis, a Vietnamese elephant  
David Calleja

In Vietnam’s Central Highland city of Buon Ma Thuot David Calleja finds his sporting knowledge scorned by a gambling-mad guide. But football allegiances fade away on a rewarding journey into Yok Don National Park.

Editorials   21 Feb, 2011, 19:37
Development: does Southeast Asia need it?  
Antonio Graceffo

The western concepts of development don’t always translate easily into the new nations of the East. Antonio Graceffo asks some searching questions about the nature of progress – and its effects.

Americas   21 Feb, 2011, 18:49
Catching California  
Eric Whitehead

The giant State on America’s Pacific Coast has plenty to entertain Eric Whitehead – but it’s his final day before he finds out how to tame San Francisco’s endless hills.

Africa   21 Feb, 2011, 18:35
Kenya’s coast: a view from Lithuania  
Aneda Antanaviciute

A warm welcome makes Aneda Antanaviciute feel right at home on the East African coast, but certainly held plenty of surprises. Coming from landlocked Lithuania the first, and most obvious question was where the hell had the sea gone?

Deals, Europe   16 Feb, 2011, 13:12
Discover Granada – the jewel of Andalucía  
Peter Parker

The Alhambra might be one of Spain’s iconic highlights, but Granada has plenty more to offer, says Peter Parker. The walkable city centre, for a start, where the tapas that come with your drinks are – still – invariably free.

Americas   16 Feb, 2011, 13:00
Life’s not so easy in Cuba if you need to catch a bus  
Ruby Weldon

Tourists in all-inclusive resorts rarely see life at street level for ordinary Cubans. Ruby Weldon brushes reality when she takes an intercity bus from the capital, Havana, to the provincial town of Santa Clara.

Africa   16 Feb, 2011, 12:34
Dead-again granny helps cross the Congo River  
Lois Pryce

Lois Price motorcycled down Africa – and wrote a very good book about it. This extract details the ferry crossing from one Congo to another, from Brazaaville to Kinshasa in the DRC. It’s not the easiest border crossing and only fast thinking gets her through immigration.

Asia Pacific   16 Feb, 2011, 11:59
In praise of Vietnam’s conical hats  
Bess Browning

The characteristic sea-shell hats do much more than just keep Vietnamese heads cool. They’ve become a cultural icon in their own right. Bess Browning investigates the Non La.

Europe   16 Feb, 2011, 11:46
A stroll around Krakow’s ancient city centre  
Lindsay Salt

Lindsay Salt says Poland’s second city is an approachable, walkable place with an old-world charm – and more than a thousand years of history.

Deals, Europe   15 Feb, 2011, 11:02
Easter getaways from the UK  
Jon Sullivan

Easter is a prime opportunity for rain-lashed Brits to fly off to find some sun but Europe’s summer hasn’t really kicked in. Jon Sullivan reviews your travel options.

Asia Pacific   15 Feb, 2011, 10:43
Escaping Singapore for the Chinese New Year  
Steve Rudd

Travel gets difficult in Asia when the Chinese New Year comes around. Steve Rudd is desperate to escape a rain-swept and over-regulated Singapore to more casual Malaysia but needs both his shopping elbows to score a bus ticket.

Africa   15 Feb, 2011, 10:33
A day in the life of Zambia’s wildlife  
Robin Pope

Liuwa Plains, where western Zambia bumps up against Angola, is prime safari country – but you still need luck and skill to spot wild dog. Robin Pope heads out on a game drive where, to everyone’s gratification, a wildebeest dies.

Americas   15 Feb, 2011, 10:13
Time out in Tombstone  
Roy Stevenson

America’s Wild West is at it’s wildest (if not westest) in Arizona. Roy Stevenson checks out a new resort near Tombstone that extends the cowboy experience late into each poker-playing night.

Americas   13 Feb, 2011, 22:00
Love at high altitude: a Valentine Day’s story  
Emma Jones

For Emma Jones, travelling around South America, Ciarán starts off as a travel buddy: an adventure companion, that’s it. But on the icy slopes of a Bolivian mountain and he evolves into .. more.

Central Asia, Europe   10 Feb, 2011, 11:03
Taxis in Tiblisi  
Shirley Campbell

Settling in to her dirt-road suburb of Georgia’s capital, Shirley Campbell finds the local taxi drivers effectively get her in to Tiblisi’s gleaming city centre, but are not such reliable allies when it comes to getting back home.

Africa   9 Feb, 2011, 14:15
Trucking 1000km across Mozambique  
James Sinclair

James Sinclair leaves Lake Malawi to head for the Indian Ocean. Only problem is Mozambique’s in the way and no bus service in sight. Undeterred he hitches a ride on a lorry.

Middle East   8 Feb, 2011, 13:14
Pampered pooches in Arab lands  
Michele La Morte-Shbat

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not places you’d expect to be friendly to dogs. But when Michele La Morte-Shbat goes to live in the Middle East there’s no way she’s leaving her two miniature poodles. At their first experience of lapdog life, surprised locals are soon smitten.

Europe   8 Feb, 2011, 12:52
Three Puerto Rican grannies on a German train  
Evan Gerstein

Strangers on a train often have a story to tell. On a journey from Amsterdam to Frankfurt Evan Gerstein’s closely-observed eavesdropping gives a tantalising insight into some not-so-private lives.

Asia Pacific   8 Feb, 2011, 12:38
A very Australian bike ride  
Alicia Harney

Harley Davidson’s they’re not. But the 50cc choppers that tour the Queensland hills around 1770 Agnes Water on a ‘Scooteroo’ convoy provide Alicia Harney with an ‘Easy Rider’ experience all of her own.

Deals, Pole to Pole   4 Feb, 2011, 14:14
Booking tips for round-the-world flights  
Paul Woollacombe

On longer journeys, round=the-world flights present the most economical way of seeing a lot of the globe. Paul Woollacombe gives some advice on choosing the best route to make the most of your travels.

Americas   4 Feb, 2011, 13:56
A Brit’s experience of America’s Key West  
Kassandra Roblin

You don’t leave yourself at home when you go abroad. When she travels with her family to an iconic American tourist destination Kassandra Roblin finds the simple fact she’s British colours her experience. Surely being happy, all the time, just can’t be natural…

Europe   4 Feb, 2011, 13:34
Rathlin – the Scottish island off the Irish coast  
Paul Heppleston

Strategically marooned between Scotland and Ireland and Islay, the island of Rathlin is scarcely visited these days. But Paul Heppleston finds things looking up for this windswept retreat.

Asia Pacific   4 Feb, 2011, 13:07
Bagging South Sumatra’s highest peak  
Tim Hannigan

One of the few to realise Indonesia’s potential for trekking and climbing, Dan Quin has set up a website mapping out routes up all the archipelago’s mountains. This extract sees Tim Hannigan guide you through the practicalities of climbing Gunung Dempo.

Europe   2 Feb, 2011, 11:10
Sicily, tracking Inspector Montalbano  
Suzanne and Andrew Edwards

Italy is brought to life – with dashes of violent crime – in the colourful thrillers by Andrea Camilleri. Suzanne and Andrew Edwards find the police-chief hero, Inspector Montalbano, introduces Sicily’s lesser-known bars, restaurants and sights.

Deals, Europe   2 Feb, 2011, 10:25
Tasting the foods of the world – in London  
Sergio Santos

There’s no need to fly across the planet to enjoy all the world’s cuisines, says Sergio Santos. Every taste imaginable is catered for in Britain’s capital.

Central Asia   1 Feb, 2011, 13:04
Cruising the ‘Three Gorges’ – Chinese-style  
Jordan Blair

Jordan Blair is in fairly rugged shape when he sets off for Chongqing but his mood perks up by the time he gets to Wanzhou and his Yangtze River cruise. His budget doesn’t stretch to luxury so he gets an immersion experience with new Chinese friends.

Africa   1 Feb, 2011, 12:25
A pilot’s view of microlighting Vic Falls  
Bill Davis

Bill Davis chucks in his job and heads out to Zambia to microlight tourists through the spray of Victoria Falls, on the border with Zimbabwe. His first few days prove something of a revelation.

Americas   1 Feb, 2011, 12:01
Dodging jaguar in the jungles of Tikal  
Steve Angelique

Guatemala’s most atmospheric ruins, hidden away in the Peten, are pretty safe for travellers. The same is not true of the surrounding jungle. Steve Angelique decides to go trekking. At night.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   1 Feb, 2011, 09:31
Taking advice from a Korean mountain  
CG Fewston

CG Fewston sets out for a festive Christmas break in the mountains of South Korea, but finds the summer resort is boarded up and icebound. The days of reflection – and an unconventional diet – change his life forever.

Europe   23 Jan, 2011, 21:39
England to Munich by coach: unglamorous but effective  
Penny Woods

The journey is almost as important as the destination, and travelling on a budget makes it more interesting, not less. Penny Woods crosses the channel by coach and finds it a revealing introduction to Germany.

Europe   23 Jan, 2011, 21:32
A Londoner’s take on Fair Isle  
Karen Harris

If the nearest you get to Scotland’s islands is listening to the shipping forecast on Radio Four, your imagination is likely to give reality a lot to live up to. Karen Harris finds Fair Isle defies her expectations.

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