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The first question we’re usually asked is about payment, and sorry, the answer is no. We don’t pay contributors for their stories or photos. Nor, however, do we assume copyright, which stays with the author. Until recently Travelmag has not taken any rights to articles submitted to the site but this has caused sales to fail, as we try to negotiate between publishers on a deadline and correspondents on the road. For this reason contributions posted after September 15th 2009 will be taken as giving us the right to license the copy to third parties. We don’t often get such requests but if we do we will charge as much as we possibly can and remit 50% to the copyright holder (ie author). It’s not likely but if it happens payment will be by paypal.

You will still retain copyright and we will still whip your features down from the site if you make an independent sale and the buyer requires first publication rights.

Please confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms when submitting features to the Travelmag.

We like to see anything you’ve taken the trouble to write but value originality. If it reads like a brochure it’s heading for the bin. We want to hear what you saw and what you felt, get a sense of place and a taste of drama. We like funny and we appreciate the aware. Don’t try to cover a world tour in one article: focus in a single place, experience or theme and bring it to life.

Features can be sent over as attached files in word, rich text format, or notepad, or in the body of emails. Pictures always help liven up features, but please don’t send them embedded into word documents: they should be sent over as jpeg attachments, preferably low-rez.

A good length for a Travelmag feature is 2,000 words. This doesn’t mean you should stretch shorter pieces – usually the little gems shine all the brighter for their brevity. We do publish some super-long epics, but – with a few exceptions – these would be improved by being broken up into individual features or boiled down dramatically.

Though we will correct simple typos we don’t, in general, edit features. The articles you read are the views and the viewpoints of the authors.

All clear? Fine. Write away. Please email contributions to [email protected], and – Thanks.

Jack Barker
1 Long Drove
Nr Marlborough
Wiltshire SN8 3AH

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